Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Laura Sandys Gets a Blog and a bit of a ramble

Laura Sandys has now got a blog, click on the link to go to it

I have to admit to having second thoughts about blogging, I have been fiddling with Facebook, something I don’t really understand, at the moment my Facebook thing is linked to this blog, so – as if by magic – what I write here appears there.

Funny thing Facebook, you seem to have to be a member to see my Facebook wall, see I tried to se it so anyone could see it, even people without a Facebook account. This can’t be that difficult as the council manage to do it with theirs in fact they have just posted that rubbish collections have resumed after the snow. How they get a 13th Feb post to appear after one the made on the 1st of March is another mystery, but not one I think would be useful to me to solve.

Truth of the matter is that having taking up painting and drawing again after a gap of about forty years, I want to devote my spare time to that and not blog writing. So I guess there will have to be a change of emphasis.

With Facebook I was eventually reduced to opening a second account, so I could see what my first account looked like to other people who are Facebook members, all very strange.

I will ramble on.


  1. Michael I am bored with blogging and maybe I should try art. I can hardly hold a pencil properly nowadays so it may be rather abstract. I once wanted to paint but gave it up but I feel anything would be preferable to blogging.

  2. It would be a real loss to Thanet if you stopped Michael. 2 or 3 years back Thanet was notable for it's lively blogging scene, but since the demise of ECR & Thanet Strife pretty much the only other active blogs are by squabbling councillors (even Tony Flaig seems to have lost interest in Margate, & Margate Architecture comments about Arlington / Tesco but nothing else). I do understand how you feel though, as to a large extent I've lost interest in my photography in recent months, so I've changed the emphasis to other things too...

  3. The IAEA appeared to opening up a facebook page to people who did not have an account with them after the Fukushima accident.

    For example on 15 April 2011 on Twitter
    IAEA ‏ @iaeaorg
    IAEA Briefing on Fukushima Nuclear Accident (15 April 2011, 14:30 UTC) --

    Not sure if this is any help.

  4. Don if you do I would get a propelling pencil so you don’t have to sharpen it, leaving a pad and pencil by the loo with something to draw, is a good way of getting started.

    But yes I am getting a bit bored with blogging, most of the material relates to the council, which as they move at snails pace is pretty tedious.

    Peter I think that this is part of the problem, being part of a lively blogging scene is interesting, whereas posting about Thanet in isolation just isn’t.

    Painting and drawing, especially people’s faces and trying to get a likeness is interesting, but I think it a bit unfair to combine this with a local blog involving local people. After Lara’s stockpot posting, I could for instance have done something based on the Goats Head Soup gatefold, however I desisted.

    I was very nearly expelled from school for drawing, the victims on the whole don’t like it very much as you may understand. Perhaps something on more national or international level would be better, more acceptable to put the president or prime minister in the soup, than ones own MP, if you see what I mean.

    3.32 not much help as it doesn’t tell me how to do it.

  5. Local residents with a modicum of positive aspiration for the area will view this news with absolute delight, happy painting Michael, I wouldn't give up your day to soon!

  6. 6.53 you seem to be having trouble getting your message across here, you started well with those big words and then it all fell to pieces, perhaps you would like to have another go, trying to say what you mean that is.

  7. Please don't stop blogging. Reading your contributions has become an established part of my daily routine and I find them informative and entertaining.

  8. How long before Thanet residents start up a "No to Michael quitting blogging" campaign ??

  9. RossM - having been blessed with such acerbic wit and a keen interest in impartiality and getting to grips with the facts of a situation before commentating, maybe you are well-placed to take over the reins.

  10. So much for showing commitment to Thanet's unemployed:

  11. Maybe a "No to Anonymous Blogging" campaign would be better ?

  12. Whats this KM news about a large Thanet airport up for sale?


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