Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pinch and a punch it’s the first of the month

Last months referral statistics for this blog are at many thanks to the 10,500 individuals who read what I write last month.

I know this is a bit of a boring post to those who don’t write local blogs, but it is the nearest I can get to a popularity chart of the local blogs that seems to make any sort of sense

The picture above is for one of my regular blog readers who I was taking to about layering watercolour washes, as you can see I am still playing with my greens although photographing them makes them look rather grey.

The idea is you can see some of the colours that make up the washes at the page edges, the colour mixing takes place on the wet paper and the paint colours used were, cobalt blue, yellow ochre, rose madder, viridian, hookers green and olive green. The grey thing is ivory black.  

Still on roughly the same theme, my search engine traffic is increasing and I put this down to the tree portraits of famous people I published to illustrate posts. Image search is a bit of a peculiar thing and when I look for pictures of people on the internet I usually use the Google image search tab and put their name in followed by the word “portrait”.

Considering that these people are very famous in their own fields I didn’t expect to figure in this at all, having just searched the people I put pictures of on this blog in this way, I was pretty much amazed how high these images ranked

The portrait of  David Hockney comes up on page 2.  

The portrait of Bill Gates also comes up on page 2. 

I didn’t do so well with the Lucien Freud one, but he is a very famous portrait painter.


John Holyer said...

Michael, The Tickbox for emails for notification of comments has vanished. Do you know why?

Michael Child said...

John from the publishing end there have been all sorts of strange changes to blogger recently, I have investigated the blog controls where one is invited to do strange things that I don’t comprehend, like allowing float alignment, presumably for those who post in the smallest room. There doesn’t however seem to be a box I can tick to restore this facility.