Saturday, 7 April 2012

Holy week ramblings and some pictures

Yesterday being a bank holiday I closed my bookshop at lunch time and went for a Good Friday walk, there is a sense in which Good Friday ought to stop or change in some way or another around the middle of the day.
I saw the thing in the picture which I was informed was a Chinese Duck, tried to paint a watercolour but it didn’t work out, went home and had takeaway Chinese Duck, wondered vaguely if I ought to have had fish, all in all a very pleasant day.

I did take some pictures on my walk, I should stress here that they are not very interesting, but here they are I should stress here that as far as I am concerned rural life is a bit of a mystery, which seems to do my good providing I avoid treading in anything rural.

Going back to Thursday I took one of my children to see the exhibition in the Turner Contemporary, I sketched the people in the café after looking at the Turners but am frankly not getting the inspiration from the Turner exhibition that I was from the previous one about youth.

I took some photos in Margate, not only were they decidedly average but when I looked at them there was a large foreign body in my camera, possibly some small animal has take up residence, if I was a follower of Darwin I would probably understand the tricky evolution involved with the appearance of camera inhabitants.

On to the blog this week which started with my April fool about same sex marriage and seems to be finishing up with a post about aerial views of Ramsgate involving comment about same sex marriage.  

I may ramble on here ad nauseum.
 Some guitars are more equal that others when it comes to tuning and the black one is particularly difficult, as you try to tune one string the others tend to go out of tune, perhaps there is a moral in it.
I have discovered a guitar tuning app for my phone, so perhaps I will probably be able to play something almost in tune now. 

Oh yes meant to say free for Android phones, don’t know about the others, you need to be signed on to Google and it’s called “tun-d” you get a small Google add on it when you use it. 


Anonymous said...

Hello Michael - perhaps it is me but your comments on your blogsite disappear when I try and see them - just get blank screen with preview -this has happened the last few days John Kirby

Michael Child said...

John the new comment form which allows people to reply to individual commentators within a thread is in its early stages so the link may be taking you to below the comment or it may be a problem with your own computer where you need to empty your browser cache, if you have any difficulty there let me know which browser you are using and I will try to assist.

I am also sending this to you by email as obviously you may not be able to read this comment.

Saint Paul's Church said...

I may ramble on here ad nauseum. That will be the Duck Michael, too rich for this time of day.

Michael Child said...

Yep Don it’s this new comment thing gives the wrong time, but I wonder what would happen to all the replies to comments if I change it back to the other one, the duck was fine