Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The new Asda Supermarket in Ramsgate

I deviated to this part of the town at lunch time today, all in an hour but I wanted to see what the new supermarket was like.
I suppose the most bizarre aspect is the loading area, this seems to have annihilated a large part of the car park and looks like the result of a large commercial organisation working in harmony with a local council while taking health and safety into account.

I think it possible that nitrous oxide was also involved at some point, however reducing the available parking for shopping in the town has been achieved with no apparent benefits, so I would guess everyone is happy.

The fact that the same site operated recently as a supermarket with all of the carpark available and no need for this strange loading space, that isn’t being used and has no apparent purpose is irrelevant.

I bought sandwiches from Asda as my children were performing a chemistry experiment in the kitchen also involving sand and I thought my lunch could be caught in the crossfire.

I have just changed the operating system on this computer to Linux and haven installed a web publishing program on it yet so the other photographs will follow later.   

The verdict is not quite as good as Greggs in the High Street, better than Wilkinsons and worse than Waitrose.

 The pictures in the blog post should enlarge if you click on them.      

It may interest people to know how long doing a blog post like this takes to do, getting the pictures off the camera card, typing it out and so on, I timed this one 8.5 minuets.

Pictures publishing from my laptop here the picture of the cakes at the top shouldn’t be there and is to do with modern food processors that don’t work and old ones that do. 

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  1. The loading bay is for the lorries to drive forwards into, then they can reverse into the yard so they can be unloaded from the rear. So it does serve a purpose, however ugly/annoying it is.


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