Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pictures of Inside Pugin’s House and Inside Pugin’s Church in Ramsgate

Apologies first the whole contents of my camera card, I don’t use a flash when I visit historic buildings, so these are all hand held pictures, in many cases it was too dark for the camera’s sensors so many are also manually focused, hence several blurry ones.

I haven’t put more than 100 pictures on a page so they should load reasonably quickly, we started at the café by Westcliff boating pool, less then £20 for food and drink for me my wife and two of my children, there is also a free playground.

This the playground that is, enabled me to sketch the view from where I sat to eat my lunch and even get a little bit of it painted.

A bit of a walk along the cliff while my children cycled about, here are the pictures relating to that and on to Pugin’s Grange, the pictures of the inside start about half way down this page more here and here and here

Then on to Pugin’s church now to be a shrine, always inclined to give a church a bit of a boost, pictures here

I was in the professional god bothering business once so I only really understand the rules for Anglican contemplative religiouss’, there is a sense in which they don’t really have an individual identity, if you look at this last lot some were taken in St Augustine’s graveyard, the ones for the monks start DOM, when they have filled up one grave with DOM and one stone with what their bodies were once called, they start on another one.

Some questions for the observant next.    

 What date and country of origin to you reckon this stained glass is.

 The house is gothic revival, what are the marble pillars and mantle doing there.

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