Thursday, 26 April 2012

Margate, Greedy Cow, a few photos and a bit of a ramble

Had to go to Margate today on business, the wife and I, needing the loo on arrival and were probably the nth inconvenient visitors to The turner Contemporary, the café there had a queue so we made for The Cup Cake Café and that was full so tried the Greedy Cow next door.
When in a hurry we tend to be creatures of habit and not very adventurous, the food was good, proper Coke from a bottle, the wife won’t entertain a second visit to places that don’t have it either in a can or a bottle, only Pepsi, Coke from a machine, unnamed cola and it’s no return visit.
Anyway The Greedy Cow passed the tests so we will be returning there, pot of tea, coke, sliced beef roll thing, burger and salad, date shortbread afters for me £14.50

The photos are here, only about 90 don’t look at what you don’t want to
The sea defence behind Margate beach is being replaced now, this is a fairly modern, I would guess around 1960 – give or take about three years either way - concrete in fairly good order, however The Environment Agency reckon it needs replacing to protect the lower areas of the town when there is a combination of a high tide and a storm.

The cost of this work is estimated at £6.2m and will all be funded by through the national flood budget, there is no cost to the council.

I may ramble on here 

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