Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Publishing reorganisation.

One way and another I am rather busy at the moment as I am in the process of moving all of my book printing equipment into a different part of the building. I have also finally bitten the bullet and bought a 42 inch colour printer that prints on canvas and paper, this is mainly so I can print reproductions of old sheet maps of this area.

The local book publishing that I do has reached the point where I now have about 150 of them in print, see http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/catalogue/ and as this has expanded I have fitted the equipment into different parts of the building, something which is very difficult with printers. I reached the point where the book I was editing was coming out of a printer at the other end of my bookshop, about 70 feet away from the till desk where I was working, while the street directories that I was using to check local peoples names were in a different part of the building altogether.

Anyway while I am sorting all of this out, during what is a wet week, I am not getting out and about, so don’t really have that much to blog about.

With three fairly large new publications recently, two on local maritime history A History of Ramsgate Harbour and Guide To Its Existing Features and A History of the Ramsgate Fishing Industry, plus the one on the Granville, The Granville Hotel - The Story of the Granville Hotel Ramsgate 1869-2012, plus several more in the pipeline, I am hoping that the improvement will make things run a bit more smoothly.

The net result of this should be that it is easier for me to produce more local books, so if you have been researching some aspect of Thanet’s history I can probably help you get it into book form. 


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