Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Technological impasse

The last few days have seen some of my techno lumps fail, the most personally significant being my phone pad thingy, known here as the RaspBerry. Once upon a time when this sort of thing happened one took it back to the shop where it either got mended or one bought a new one, now a combination of the cost of repairs and the pace of technology means a different approach.

Even if you could buy one for a reasonably competitive price in a shop, you wouldn’t be able to effectively try before you buy, so the ghastly mixture of looking around phone shops and reading internet reviews had to be gone through, before getting the best deal online.

Being somewhat decayed, with sausage like fingers and a need for reading glasses I went for the largest phone with a reasonable camera that would fit in my pocket. I also stuck with the Android operating system that I have become used to, the choice was a “Samsung Galaxy Note” and I have spent the last 24 hours doing little else other than trying to master the thing. 

One of the most difficult aspects of this is publishing blog posts from it, now mastered, it is one of the best silicone based writing mediums since the stone tablet.

The Android operating system lacks the fundamental business of underlining spelling mistakes which is irritating and the main thing it falls down on, all I can promise is to try and make corrections when I get to an ordinary computer where any dubious typos appear underlined within the blogger editor.

The picture is of one of my earlier RaspBerries 

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  1. What you need Michael is a variant of the raspberry called the raspberry pi which is intended as a cheap computer (sub £30) to get children interested in real programmming.
    They have sold like hot cakes but you need to spend another £50 on accessories if you dont have them lying around.


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