Monday, 19 November 2012

I know what I like, shops, art, Chrome, computers, Monday again a ramble.

Due to the main computer in my bookshop having a complete makeover I am using an old computer that was probably designed for windows 98, now running XP and the thing was crawling.

Honestly it didn’t seem that bad last time I used it, to cut a boring hour of geekery short, you can’t use the up to date, supported version of Internet explorer on XP, so I had put Google’s Chrome browser on it and this was what was making it crawl, using loads of memory, I have changed to Firefox now and it is perfectly ok.

Another gallery, picture framer is opening in Ramsgate as you see from the picture, is, I wonder the demand for art increasing, perhaps the living room of the future will contain no books, records, cds, but just chairs computers and art.

As most of you have probably already noticed, Argos and Burton in Margate are due to close in January, so perhaps even more galleries are needed there too.

Perhaps it is time for me to produce an artists view of Ramsgate.

Forgotten what I was going to say now, found the lock but seem to have the wrong key.

Oh yes still on the art theme the Turner Contemporary have just tweeted about the video on the talk about Alex Katz’s relationship with the American dream.

I realised that I didn’t know anything much about classic American art and even what American art would represent the American dream.

Googling classic American art and similar things mostly comes up with the couple and pitchfork thing, American Gothic by Grant Wood, but this isn’t even a 19th-century painting.

I think it was done in about 1930 and won’t risk infringing anyone’s wosisname when it is easy to sketch, what with the long neck and everything. Sorry about the blokes hand I go a bit muddled up with which way what was supposed to go, could have been worse I suppose.

Anyone familiar whith Gabrielle d’Estrées et sa soeur au bain, also easy to sketch will understand the temptations I faced when the hand went wrong.

What with installing a new browser and so on I have finally discovered the problem with the council’s Conservative group, see they still think they are in power.   


  1. I must say you ruined an otherwisw great post by getting me to read Bob Bayfords Message. I was quite OK up untill then. I hope future generations dont go all minimalistic and rely on computers for all imfo and recreation. There is nowt like slobbing out on a Sunday Morning wih he record player surrounded by records or as I do now a CD player and CD's, and a bookshelf groaning under the weight of cherished novels. I know mine are cherished and some have been read and reread countless times. I cant say that the prospect you paint is appealing to me just chairs computers and art, no matter how brilliant the art.

  2. oh thats what's up with the cons, i thought they were just a waste of space, like our current.
    why do thanet, dover, canterbury and shepway need 4 chief executives and 12 directors costing us the poor taxpayer more than £ 1 million

  3. 2 gallery's in a week. Not a begging bowl in sight. No grant money. No Mary portas taking the glory.

    Ramsgate continues to push in in spite of kcc's best efforts to turn us into landing lights for Manston international, kents Gateway to ........holland.

  4. Nice little posting but unable to resist an anti Tory dig even if fairly off thread.


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