Sunday, 4 November 2012

Mitt Romney Barack Obama and the Kent Police elections

Watching the news this morning with the close run American election and sketching Mitt Romney and Barack Obama from the video footage, not a very precise art I admit, I at least have some idea of what they look like and what they stand for.
Anyway the drawing of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama above with all its faults, what would be the point of copying a photograph after all, leaves plenty of room for criticism, which bits of who I got wrong why Mitt’s ear appears to be falling off and so on. But despite the lack of colouration which would have been a dead giveaway I find I don’t have say who is who.

In ten days time however we are supposed to be electing a Kent police chief, in England and Wales we are supposed to be electing 41 police chiefs and I find I don’t really know who any of the candidates are or what they stand for.

I guess if I could find video footage of any of the Kent candidates stating their cases and sketched them, then no one much would be able to criticise the sketches as they wouldn’t know if they were right or wrong.

Now I guess this doesn’t present a problem for most people who vote along party lines, as they will presumably vote either Conservative or Labour without looking at the candidate, but as a floating voter I am beginning to wonder what I am supposed to do. anyone got any ideas?     


  1. As a fellow floating voter I haven't a clue. I'm equaly unconvinced that there are any benefits to be gained. All I hear is much trumpeting about accountability and democracy but little else. Are they going to be some sort of wunderkind that springs into action everytime a member of the public makes contact...I think not.

  2. I had my first leaflets from candidates yesterday so much for being informed the lleaflets dont say Jack. wast of time and money I for one wont be supporting their shenanigans

  3. I am surprised how many people I know who are not voting it is going to be a very low turnout. It looks like a mass boycott is on the cards.

  4. Mass boycott or 10% turnout either way it will no doubt get a positive spin. I've always used my vote in the past but this is the first time that neither cause nor candidate has given me a good reason to do so in fact in a funny sort of way I feel cheated.

  5. I am not going to support something that I never asked for nor need it is a waste of money and creating huge ego's I saw the candidates onn tellie tonight. yuk

  6. Is there a candidate who will make it his or her duty to resign and spend the 100k on a couple more real police officers? I might vote for them.

  7. Indeed Don the television interview/discussion was a bit of a turn off. So do I toss a coin or what?


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