Thursday, 29 November 2012

Belle Vue Tavern Pegwell Bay, lunch pictures and possible ramble about painting.

My day off today and frankly we felt like a lazy one, I looked at the comment on the Pleasurama post, couldn’t face saying the same things I have been saying for the last 10 years, so went for a lazy lunch.

Today we sat by the round window, frankly the view is difficult to sketch with watercolour.
Here is a photo looking through the window, the problem both for me and the camera is all the light is coming through the window, it think, something like that.

The trouble is with this sort of view is you can’t really capture it, of course you can paint a more realistic sea with oil or acrylic paint, partly because you can put light colours on top of dark ones which you can’t easily do with watercolour, because it is transparent paint.

I think though it is more of a time thing for me, I think an A4 watercolour sketch like this take about a quarter to half an hour, which means I look at the view properly. 

I think taking photos, going home with them and painting a picture with them just wouldn’t work for me, although I guess the picture would be better to look at for other people.

I don’t mean I don’t cheat, in this instance I drew it with a pencil first.

Painted the picture, so.

And then rubbed out the pencil when it was dry, I use a B grade pencil if I do this, the softer ones smudge when things get wet and the harder ones don’t rub out well. I use an ordinary rubber, not an artists putty rubber, I had one run in with one of these, it turned into something like chewing gum in my pocket.  

Watercolour paint is the stuff of children’s paint boxes, although I use the artist’s quality version, which is more concentrated.  

Our lunch was excellent steak panini for the two of us coke and pot of tea about £16 good quality and value.

I did go outside and take a few more pictures, here they are.

Photos will expand if clicked on, sorry if the post wasn’t that exciting, I honestly never know whether to post this sort of thing, the webstats seem to say as many people read this type of stuff and look at the pictures as look at the more topical posts that attract a lot of comment.


  1. Random pictures deserve a random I saw a dredger in the port today and the car park surface at the port being planed off is this in preparation for euro ferries or are tic building sheep pens now they have decided to continue exporting animals. I just hope they are charging the exporter the cost of all the extra security that has been required at the port.

  2. We were discussing the Belle vue last week as we looked from the nature reserve. Heather and I used to go there lots and our daughter is sitting here and just said that was were she learnt what the horizon meant.She still remembers alll these years later so the view must have stuck in her mind. I love your painting and your piccies keep up the good work, hope you enjoyed your day off.

  3. Soon be overlooking the Hovercraft Museum if TDC and KCC get their way.

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