Friday, 1 March 2013

Everything you always wanted to know about the Thanet blogs. Pinch and a punch it’s the first of the month, a rant.

March init, ides an all that, god Mars, stabbing in the back Brutus and so on, once if you had wanted to know what ides were, you would have looked in a book, but now a quick visit to Google and you will know what I am on about, although without the old itc I wouldn’t have been on about it here anyway.

For the Thanet blogerati here are my referral stats for this blog for the rest of the world, just so much gibberish.

There are quite a few new kids on the block in the Thanet blogging scene, most notably Driver’s Thanet and of course Driver’s nemesis john Hamilton

Not quite sure which of these is doing the most to promote Cllr Driver’s case, but neither blog nor blogger seems to have quite understood one of the fundamentals of the Thanet blogging scène which is to link to the other Thanet blogs.

In fact to take this further as a reflection on understanding the internet in general, which is that on a superhighway system, not linking to anything at all apart from being a tad onanistic, produces a cul-de-sac which the search engines ignore.

My guess is that we will get the Ezekiel trial result today, is it a bit wososname of me to think that the jury would ensure a whole week off normal work and stretch coming up with a verdict.

I think Simon Moores has been on the old Monty Python again having just tweeted a link to think he must have meant

My day off yesterday and I went to Margate, a quick look at The Turner Contemporary, my take is the exhibition Subject to Constant Change, need renaming Subject to Constant Maintenance.

Two of the artworks in it were definitely broken, one the same as last time I went and one different. What with it being contemporary art I am really not confident that after three visits I have seen all of this exhibition working properly.

What really bugs me about this is that none of the art critics seem to have noticed this, I rally do get the feeling that if the went off to collectively to write a piece on the Da Vinci cartoon during a power cut, so the thing was invisible, they wouldn’t mention the fact and would drivel on about the velvet darkness and Da Vinci being an invisible and therefore more significant Renaissance Man.  

the gallery have just bunged a video of the artist talking about this exhibition, here it is
Rosa Barba in Conversation from Turner Contemporary on Vimeo.

from the standard of the production and considering that this is a film about film related art one does wonder if the £1m coming out of my council tax to fund this is being well spent.

More of this rant as I get there

Then there is the £100k donation to the airport see no mention of this in the news letters from the KCC election hopefuls. 

A few Margate pictures next.

click to expand and all that.
Having bought a book and a few we went on to The Captain Digby version three, two previous pubs there having fallen int the sea due to cliff erosion.

Well as predicted the jury have come up with their verdict today: Ex-Leader Thanet Council Sandy Ezekiel found guilty for misconduct in public office.


Tom Clarke said...

Your comment on the new blogsites has a ring of sense for they do say that all publicity for politicians, even the bad, all helps raise the profile. Indeed, someone on Question Time announced that he would still vote for Huhne in Eastleigh if he were standing. Having said that, Driver's Thanet is so bad that it must have some people at least thinking, should this man be representing us.

Elsewhere, and a bit off thread, interesting to see how Cuddly Dave's experiment with making the Conservatives less nasty through gay marriage has worked so well for him in Eastleigh. Also made Red Ed's claims of being a one nation party look a bit sick. At least Tony F should be happy over in Margate.

Peter Checksfield said...

I didn't know there'd been two previous Captain Digby's Michael, do you have more details / pics? Erosion along there is very bad, they must've diverted the (cycle) path at least 4 times within the past 15 years.

Tom Clarke said...

Surely that is more to do with cyclists being struck by low flying golf balls. If it were Ramsgate by now someone would have formed a 'Say NO to low flying golf balls' protest group or be questioning the effect of all that gin and tonic laced urine from the clubhouse on the aquifer.

Alan Turtle said...

A vivid imagination there cannot be any doubt when listening to Rosa Barba in the video, but to describe the exhibits as art, and warranting a generous subsidy from the ratepayers of Thanet to show her imaginative visions, with a label of ‘Visual Art’ is stretching the average individuals understanding to the limits of reason. The concentration needed to make sense of what she had to say left me wondering about the average education of the youngsters wanting to venture into the arts today.
It just goes to show the mentality of the organisers of this marvellous facility, utilising it seems, for there own kind and cleverly interpreting what we are supposed to be seeing with what I would call (forgive me) Waffle! Give her one room by all means, using the remaining space to exhibit the many fine artists and true talent that exists in many forms in Thanet.

John Hamilton - talking sense and cutting through bullshit said...

Apologies for lack of links so far Michael, It is very remiss of me, but real life has been very busy this week, with the setting up of a new additional endevour. I know I have your instructions, and will be linking with great alacrity later this week when time allows.