Thursday, 28 February 2013

Last Day to object to Granville Plans

This is for the building that will form part of Granville House, objections need to sent by tomorrow.

This picture shows what was there before.

This picture shows what they want to build.

With these objections it is partly the number of people who object that counts, so I wouldn’t worry too much that your objection makes a lot of sense or conforms to planning law. But if you don’t like the new plans, I doubt that the council will be able to do much about them unless they get quite a few objections.

My planning objection is below.

Planning objection

Dear Sir/Madam,

In the first instance could you kindly confirm your receipt of this objection?

As a Ramsgate and Eastcliff ward resident I wish to object to the following planning applications.

This development forms an extension to the grade II listed Victorian building that fronted the whole block.

Most was designed by Edward Pugin although parts by J T Wimperis all was built in the same Victorian Gothic style between 1867 and 1880.

Part of the development was demolished by a bomb in WW2 and part demolished in the early 1980s to make way for a 1980s development that didn’t occur.

Then in the early 2000s a completely different attitude to the status of this important Victorian Gothic Pugin building was taken, and a substantial part of it was rebuilt in the Victorian Gothic style, when the new part was completed it was reclassified as a Grade II listed building and then went on to win an award by Thanet District Council for attention to detail.    

The current application has a strong resemblance to the highly unsuitable 1980s plans that were abandoned and is devoid of any sympathetic architectural detail.

I would like to object on the following grounds.

The whole reconstruction project should be in the same architectural style, particularly as a considerable part already has been rebuilt in that style.

There could have been a case for a modern and dramatic design as the original was when first built, had part of the building not been newly rebuilt in the original style

I can see no case for this proposal that has the look of 1980s economy and featureless buildings, designed around the popular plastic double glazed windows of the time.

The proposed building uses a different bricklaying style to the Flemish bond used in the rest of the building.

The proposed building has a glazed tower which appears to be of a confrontational design to the existing tower. 

It is important to remember that the relationship between the Pugins and the town of Ramsgate already has a significant effect on the local economy with the restoration of Pugin’s house The Grange and the current restoration Pugin’s church. The way in which the remainder of Pugin’s Granville House is rebuilt is likely to have a significant impact on Ramsgate’s heritage and Regeneration.”

On the brickwork front   

 This is Flemish bond

This is what they want to use, stretcher bond

I have added a few more pictures for historical interest.

Incidentally here is the link fro live tweets from the council meeting 


  1. I agree with the reasons you give though I dont quite go with the view that numbers count as much as you might think. Planning Committee has its own mind and isn't afraid to vote accordingly.

    1. James, if these plans get passed through on the nod, and stranger things have happened, telling the council that the Pleasurama development stood 3 metres above the cliff didn’t stop that one from going through, my guess would be that if in a few months time I ask the council why the plans got passed, the answer will be hardly anyone objected.

    2. To ensure that it doesnt just get put through on the nod, contacting either Cllr Everitt or David Green, asking for it to be called-in to Planning Committee isnt a bad idea. It can then appear on an agenda and be discussed in public. With a number of Ramsgate Cllrs on that Committee, the feeling would be that it would get a good airing.

      Lets not over-do the impact of an objection, its not a veto.

  2. Michael, The email address shown on this post bounces emails, on-line comments should be directed through the site and you need to be logged in to comment.

    1. Readit I got this response, which is what I usually get.

      -----Original Message-----
      From: Planning Services
      To: michaelchild
      Sent: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 17:04
      Subject: Automated Response From: Planning Services


      Thank you for contacting the Planning Department of Thanet District Council.

      We acknowledge receipt of your email, the contents of which are noted/receiving attention.

      If your enquiry requires urgent attention, please telephone (01843) 577000.

      Thank you

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