Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday Ramble

Walk in the park today, the parakeets were out in force

one rather sleepy squirrel, do they hibernate? If they do this one was having trouble waking up, sorry the picture isn't that good, mobile phones are not the best tool for this type of photography.

 Strange how the bins seem to be arranged in clusters, bit like all the buses coming in at once.

The Italianate greenhouse seemed pretty much in one piece, just a few broken panes.

  The fence was only really in a condition to keep out the disabled and obese.

 Anyone wondering which Ramsgate park there you go.

As parks go it is very attractive.

unfortunately shopping eventually reared its ugly head bombarding me with less attractive but more surreal images.

 there are limits and I think this finished me off, so while the rest ploughed on I went and hid in Waterstones.

This became so bizarre when I got to the art books, as all the ones I wanted to look at were wrapped up in plastic, so you could't look inside them and decide which if any you wanted to buy. I decided to give up even on bookshopping and got a drink in their cafe, the view for there is down into the lower floor of the shop.

I attempted to sketch this to try and discover how the lines should go to make one feel that one is looking down on something, which sort of worked in a way.

The most irritating aspect though was trying to manage the comment on the previous post with my mobile phone, I am considering turning off anonymous comments here on my day off as well as when I go to sleep. 

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