Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday a few pictures maybe a ramble

A couple of sketches and a few photos, here is the link to the photos

The first sketch seemed to be going ok to me when n art critic who had evidently been reincarnated as a seagull decided I would make a good target.

This next one I didn’t get time to finish, perhaps I will have a go filling it in with the photos help.

Ah bit of a problem here, having looked at the picture of Broadstairs the roof line of the tall building in the middle goes the wrong way, this is what happens when you get lost in the painting and forget about the science behind the way we see things.

There is no way back with Watercolour on cheap paper, what is painted is painted. 


  1. Good photos Michael, which we should treasure bearing mind that that was probably summer for 2013.

    1. John, pleased to see you out and about so early and wondered if we could have a pact to totally ignore the aquifer man. He evidently thrives on responses and, though of obviously limited cell capacity, trundles out his repetitive responses. If we just chat around him, but never to him, he might go away.

      Loved that bit about your wife not calling you 'master.' Mine used to call me 'Sir' when I was her OC, but it didn't last long. Sadly, whilst I hope you are wrong, you have probably hit the nail on the head about summer.

    2. With a mounting sense of desperation about British weather I have just changed most of the strip lights in my bookshop from white to daylight, at lest this gives an illusion of sunshine on this, anther morning of opening the shop and encountering a day of mild drizzle.

    3. William,

      You are right. I will try my best to ignore the aquifer man. In many ways I truly feel sorry for him.

    4. Michael,

      Sincere commiserations about the weather, but I will try out your new daylight illumination when next in Ramsgate.

      On the topic of offending other blog followers, if at any time you find any of my comments offensive or the odd exchange of personal reminiscences with others boring, please let me know. You have my email address and a personal contact will suffice.

    5. William don’t give it a second thought, courteous natter isn’t a problem and the total anons seem to lack the common courtesy to use even a nom de plume.

      The aquifer man has failed to understand a basic problem of modern life, that we live in a world that is a balance between technology that we can’t survive without and the damage it does to our environment.

      Sadly with aquifer his confused rants and failure to engage in any rational discussion serve to cloud an important issue, which is the airport’s wriggling out of spending the money to do the work necessary to obtain an environmental permit.

      Rants along the lines of electricity production causes pollution, therefore we should close the electricity generating plants, call the police and have the miscreants imprisoned for making power, don’t do much to achieve greener fuel generation.

      I also guess that after a few days of enjoying candle lit evenings, we would notice as our towns started to fill with sewage and we began to starve.

    6. Ah, the green issue, Michael, and the nuclear versus wind turbines debate. All the time world population increases and we need more food and more fuel this debate will rage on with the Guardianista clinging to their vision of renewable energy sources whilst the Americans and Chinese try to compete with each other on producing the most greenhouse gases.

      Pollution is the current debate, with few if any answers, but it will switch back to melting icecaps or cutting down of rainforests regularly. The real debate should be about population, but that opens the door to more ism labels than you could possibly imagine and, thus, the candle lit dinners get ever closer, quickly followed by the empty plates.

  2. That's it Michael, you've now lost another (regular) commentator, and you will lose many more unless you do something about all this off-topic chit-chat!!!

    1. Anon I think you have a misunderstanding here about the nature of blogging, my power as blog administrator is limited to spamming, deleting altogether or removing the content from comments.

      I do this from an administration page, removing most of the unsuitable comment, most doesn’t even need reading through properly, as it contains a link to an unsuitable a link to a site selling gentlemen’s enlargement pills, is great chunks of text pasted in from other websites often over and over again, or contains references to named real local people – saying that they have links to banned terrorist organisations or whatever.

      In a whole day this takes me a couple of mins and I don’t resent it, very much on a “there but for the grace of god…” basis.

      The rest, locals chatting with each other about the weather, moaning about the other anons like your comment and William Epps are just the nature of blogs, there are among these comments quite a few people engaged in the great experiment of learning to communicate in a public internet forum, take my word for it, you are best off starting with the weather when doing this.

      You have to appreciate I am not really looking for increased readership in a commercial sense, I touch type quickly and often inaccurately and the blog just relates to what happens to interest me at the time.

    2. anonymous 9:24 am

      May I ask, what exactly is the topic off which you claim we are going? Perchance is it the Manston Aquifer; and if so why have you not spoken up on this subject before?

      Please, please, please say that you will be one of those that Michael will allegedly lose. But I have little hope of that. Of course you will stay because this is the only place where you can display your delusions of adequacy.

    3. I do believe that Michael has raised his concerns over the Manston Aquifer on here many times, something that I'm sure he'll confirm if you ask him instead of just nattering between yourselves.


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