Monday, 27 May 2013

A few pictures of Margate Meltdown and a bit more progress towards a review of The Turner Contemporary’s new exhibition; Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing.

I will do my best with this one, my children a pretty lively and The Wall is playing in the background.
By way of some explanation here, this exhibition is so complicated that I am publishing most of the pages from my notebook – this post and the last – I figure if I need an aide-mémoire then so may others. 

Some glass sea animals here, I may be entering my blue period.
 The inevitable stuffed penguin and walrus
 Note the detail of John Dee's scrying crystal, top left, he was magician to Elizabeth I
 people and weebles
 something different happening outside the gallery
 I am mapping the maze with this new exhibition.
 There is a sense in which it is much easier to draw what is going on outside, which up to a point you are allowed to photograph, than what is in the gallery which you are not.
 Click on the link for more meltdown photos

 this pot of tea for 2 at Lola and co on the harbour arm, extra cup for the child who came with us, just ask for more hot water if you need it was £2.50


  1. Jonathan Dee was a bit more than a magician. He introduced practical maths to what became UK manufacturing. The basis in time for industrial revolution ? His thinking led to English colonisation of USA and he thought of, and coined the phrase, British Empire. He pioneered navigation that enabled us to build an empire.

    He appears to have been taken in by his scryer Sir Edward Kelley who communed with the angels. Angelic advice always seeming to benefit the said Kelly even to the extent of sharing Dee's second wife.

    I think it was Dee's students who translated the Bible. Hence if you ever want to bamboozle a Jehovah's witness on your doorstep Jonathan Dee is yer man. The angels told him to go in for wife sharing. He communicated with the spirit world for scientific and mathematical enlightenment and his students translated the Bible. For example allegedly editing out or skirting around matters like Jesus being an identical twin. That was supposed to be Doubting Thomas the only disciple missing when the resurrection was witnessed by the others.

    "Could that be Tommy dancing on the table ?"

    "Here I know a good story we could tell about this ...."

    Maybe DEE is the person to best personify the meeting of superstitious, religious, historical, political, espionage, mathematical, scientific, social control trickery and technology ?


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