Friday, 3 May 2013

Kent County Council Election Special and a ramble about fish shops and stuff.

The county election, results have several aspects, message to the national government, who is in control at KCC and last but not least who will be your county councillors or councillor. This is more than a bit linked to will they even bother to answer an email.

KCC’s election results page is here itc not being our local councils strong point the site keeps going down.

The election turnout was only around 30% apathy, dissolutionment, a failure by candidates to communicate, I don't know really although the the candidate's failure to use the internet astonished me.  

Thanet result: MARGATE WEST: UKIP gain from Con. Burgess CON 915
Edwards LAB 728
Elenor UKIP 1292
King IND 550
Steed LIB 77

Birchington UKIP gain as ex-Tory Roger Latchford wins with 2156 votes from former colleague Mike Jarvis who was Margate/Cliftonville member
Rambling on here today depending on how busy my bookshop is.

UKIP win both Ramsgate seats: Martyn Heale and Trevor Shonk elected.

Margate/Cliftonville: UKIP and Labour gain a seat from Tories with Mo Elenor 2,070 and Will Scobie 2,059 votes respectively.  

Broadstairs: UKIP gain both seats with Alan Terry and Zita Wiltshire elected.

It's being reported that an election count in Kent has been disrupted because someone put a stink bomb in a ballot box.


  1. You're right, Michael. I'm feeling pretty dissolutioned. I've been falling apart all week!

  2. Perhaps the North Thanet Tory Party might now listen and have the shake up they need!!

    1. I'm a blogger not a dogger

    2. As well as the left-wing NIMBYs 1:52!

  3. Will Westminster listen and note the results? More seriously though, towards the end of the front page column in today's 'Gazette' it says that the "Dreamland Cinema was sold in a cut price deal".
    Do you know anything about this? Sold by whom? To who? For what price? What do the purchasers plan to do with it? A respondent to Eastcliff Richard's Blog today seeks investigations into corruption at TDC. Sounds like this could be a great place to start?

  4. It wasn't TDC who sold it Col, it was (the late) JG's lot. The quickly disposed of it days before the judgement came through in TDC's favour, so I'm guessing that TDC (ie US!) will have to pay the new owners further compensations or go to court again... and if I'm talking b*ll*cks then perhaps someone else can clarify the situation?

  5. Peter,

    TDC just buys the land from whoever owns it when the compulsory purchase takes place. It's a bit like 'pass the parcel' - who ever owns the land when the music stops ends up being the one forced to sell. If there is no agreement over the sale price, then this is determined by the 'Lands Tribunal' - so any purchaser of land that is potentially subject to a CPO needs to make a very careful judgement about the land's value.

    1. Thank you, but why on earth did the new owners even buy it? Surely they must've known about the impending appeal? All seems very iffy to me!

  6. How embarrasing for Ian Driver.....

  7. In addition to Roger Latchford weren't Trevor Shonk and Zita Wiltshire Tories in a previous incarnation?

    What is it about TDC councillors that they change political identity like chameleons change skin colour to improve their chances of election?

    How can they be trusted if they 'jump ship' like drowning rats when the going gets rough?

    1. What you mean like Driver and Worrow did? If you think about it though, if nobody ever changed their political allegiance, we would have the same government all the time. Also, in case you had not noticed, rats jump a sinking ship to avoid drowning so maybe they have more sense than you. Presumably you would go down to meet old Davy Jones.


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