Thursday, 2 May 2013

Kent County Council Elections Today

For goodness sake make the effort to vote, try and find a candidate that will at the very least respond to you if you write to them and hopefully even a candidate who has some views you agree with.

Anyway best of luck to all the candidates, I guess the photo – click to expand – says more about democracy in Thanet, than anything I could say.

Perhaps more here later, if I think of anything useful to say.



  2. Boycotting the vote or a spoiled ballot is equally as viable as voting for the current non-candidates.

    The lack of information on their policies is astonishing: potholes or street lights for a £2Bn council is flimsy.

    The picture does highlight the lack of turnout from 100 years ago to now: simply put low turnouts mean non-policies and non-candidates and the elections should be declared void and rerun.

    In Thanet of course we have the same duffers filling in a form and being elected by dwindling elderly party fanatics.

  3. interested on your views of the ballot 'boxes' with an expandable zipper opening, through which a hand and wrist can easily be inserted...? Open to fraud much?!!! x

  4. Mcgonigal as returning officer will make sure there's no fraud!

  5. Yes that new ballot box looks like a travel case, I'm surprised it didn't have wheels on and an extendable handle.


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