Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Midweek Ramble

First it’s election fever in Thanet tomorrow, two elections one to replace Sandy Ezekiel as a TDC councillor and the other to replace Ian Driver as a Ramsgate Town Councillor.

With the Labour domination at RTC, I don’t see that it changes much there whoever gets elected.

With the TDC one, I don’t think the result there would do much to change the balance of power there, the current situation being; 26 - Labour Group; 23 - Conservative Group; 3 - Independent Group; 2 - Thanet Independent Group; 1 – Independent.

No overall control with 6 independents holding the balance of power, it would seem unlikely that the Conservative group will get the leadership back and it seems most likely that we will have a Labour lead TDC at least until the next district elections in ablut two years.

An interesting aspect of this one is that local businesswoman and blogger Louise Oldfield is standing.

The candidates are: Wendy CHAPLIN Conservative Party, Alan CURRIE Labour Party, Rozanne DUNCAN UKIP, Louise Elizabeth OLDFIELD Independent, Seth PROCTOR Liberal Democrat.

The only candidate I have ever heard of or can find any trace of their existence on the internet is Louise Oldfield, this may be significant in the county elections the only non UKIP candidate that got elected, Will Scobie appeared to be the only candidate with a normal internet presence. By normal I mean that you can at least find their activity on facebook and twitter.

I aint saying they aint there, just I couldn’t find them, in this day and age, if say I was going to employ someone and I couldn’t find any trace of them on the internet, I would find this a bit strange. I guess timewarping back to when I first started voting in the early 70s, I would have expected the person I voted for to have a telephone and to be able to use it, not sure I would have bothered to look in the telephone directory, I would have just assumed they had.

Addendum since I put the post up I have hade a tweet from @AlanCurrie3 He is standing as the Labour candidate and has been on twitter for about a fortnight now so the message may be getting across.  

On to a rather bizarre aspect of TDC’s management of The Royal Sands Development on The Pleasurama site in Ramsgate, it seems TDC have been hosting an E-petion about the development on behalf of Friends of Ramsgate Seafront and only one person responded to it.

Every time TDC involvement in this development comes up one is inclined to wonder, incompetence or corruption and with Friends of Ramsgate Seafront being a strong group, only one respondent seemed pushing credulity a bit. It seems the petition ran from the 26/04/2013 to 29/04/2013 which seems a bit of a short time. Perhaps at some later date TDC intend to make some unusual decision and justify it with the petition, who knows here is the link to the petition information on the TDC website    

And a link to the same document copied by me in case it should unexpectedly vanish.

The Pictures are  courtesy of Ben again and I may ramble on here


  1. Michael I concur there is something very fishy going on here with these TDC links?

    Last month I decided to publicise the link to the TDC Equality & Diversity Consultation whilst there was still a week to go (as you would expect I suppose). Trouble is, no matter how many times I carefully copied in the link, it just kept coming up as error?

  2. Louise even has her own website that was created especially for this election, though oddly she hasn't posted anything since 27th April (I would've expected the KCC election results to have received comment):

  3. Thankyou 5.34. I have read with interest.

  4. Gosh, you mean TDC is incompetent or fiddling the statistics? What will you do about it?

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    1. Surely you do not consider all these one liner comments to be knowledge growing. Hardly stimulating debate is it with poor old SG past caring and some obscure Anon prattling on about TDC incompetence. What about some substance, a few facts or even a spicy rumour. Maybe even KLM could come back and wind up the aquifer man. Anything to break the boredom of a dull blogging day.

    2. What is your dream Substance Man?

    3. A little Thai maiden I spent a glorious week with in Songkla many years ago when on R & R from one of those jungle wars of that time. She glided about the place, danced like a dream, served up glorious Thai food and was just heaven to be with. Then back to the war never to get that way again.

    4. Thought Provoking. The kind of comment that leaves you wanting to know more.

  6. Rozanne Duncan UKIP 699 41% Elected
    Wendy Chaplin The Conservative Party Candidate 526 31%
    Alan Currie Labour Party Candidate 352 20%
    Louise Elizabeth Oldfield Independent 112 7%
    Seth Proctor Liberal Democrat 32 2%

  7. How very very entertaining, the other self important loud mouthed candidate in elections is rejected by 93% of the voters!

    Perhaps she will now join Driver under his stone, and let Thanet regenerate, something they have both conspired to prevent these last few years!

    The voters have spoken Oldfield, shut up, and go away!



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