Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pinch and a Punch it’s the First of the Month, two watercolours of Ramsgate and the inevitable ramble

First for those interested my webstats for this site which may form some indicator to Thanet’s most popular blogs

The site figures for this blog say about 12,500 unique visitors making about 55,000 visits, I have managed to reduce tins figure by putting comment moderation on posts over 5 days old and turning off anonymous comment over night, which has gone a long way to reduce the number of visiting spammers. There were only 21 commercial spam comments yesterday compared to about 300 a day before I did this.

Next my thanks to Ben for these two pictures of Ramsgate.    

Eastcliff Castle, Ramsgate, watercolour by William Sawrey Gilpin, 1805.

Ramsgate, 1805 (pencil and watercolour) by Samuel Atkins.

I am really no nearer to resolving the problem of what I can only describe as non-commercial spam, but a few thoughts for those responding to comments on the actions I am now taking.

The top line of commentators are people with real names linking to the real identity of a known person who is signed on to blogger, Simon Moores, Chris Wells, Peter Checksfield, Michael Child, Tony Flaig bignews, Louise Oldfield and so on these names appear in blue at the top of their comments showing they are signed on to their blogger accounts. If you see a comment where one of these names appears in black, it is bound to be someone pretending to be that person. If you reply to a comment where one of these names appear in black, you need to be aware that I will now spam the comment as soon as I see it and your reply will vanish with the comment.

I don’t recommend ever doing this i.e. pretending to be a signed on blogger for a bit of a laugh as bloggers spam controls will soon block your ip address, preventing you from commenting on blogger.

At you see if looked at the webstats the top referring Thanet Blogs (sorry if I missed any here) are:  / referral     613 / referral     281  / referral     204  / referral     192  / referral     142  / referral     142  / referral     121  / referral     101  / referral     43  / referral     41  / referral     41  / referral       34  / referral     24  / referral     22  / referral     20

I don’t trust anything much about web statistics but these are supposed to show the number of different ip addresses that arrive from these sources, so clicking repeatedly on the link to here from any one blog won’t change the statistics.

Next on to teasing ECR the widget thing on the sidebar that measures the number of pageviews only goes back to July 2008 and apart from being able to set it so it shows the views during the last 30 days, you can set it so it shows the views since July 2008.

ECR has his set this way and I have to say I was surprised to find that this blog had had more visitors than he had had since then, so I have set mine in the same way. 

It looks like the Dreamland judgement will made tomorrow. 

Before HIS HONOUR JUDGE SYCAMORE sitting as a Judge of the High Court
Thursday 2 May, 2013
At 2 o'clock

CO/11203/2012 Margate Town Centre Regeneration Compay Limited v Secretary Of State For Communities And Local Government  

Dover has given the go ahead for the Joline to use the port so it looks like live animal exports will be moving back there from Ramsgate.

I will ramble on here later

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