Sunday, 26 May 2013

Turner Contemporary Margate. Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing, initial thoughts, sketching towards a review.

I have always been a bit of a slow thinker, particularly when it comes to art, the latest exhibition at The Turner Contemporary Margate. Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing, isn’t easy to take in at one viewing, the upper floor of the gallery has been turned into a maze which may eventually lead to what? A walrus? Turning into a walrus? I am one as you are one as you are me and we are all in the maze together.

Seeing how it runs run like pigs from a gun, does it fly? I'm crying. I guess the answer is yes it does for me.

Up the stairs or sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the lift to come.
Expecting a Corporation art-show, stupid sheep eyed dog.

Yes really in the first gallery the first thing you encounter is dog with a sheep’s head accompanied by the inevitable narwhal’s tusk.

Photography is of course banned, so I sketched what was going on here, the books on the table, people looking at art, people looking at people looking at art.

 Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow wrong. If it isn’t art the tusk the strange sheepdog, well it certainly grips the attention.

Into the first gallery and you are in the maze with Leonardo, nice one HM Queen thanks for the loan of the Leonardos and top marks to the gallery for displaying them in a wall where we can see both sides,

So here is the sketch in the maze, being amazed at the Leonardos.

After this everything got a bit confused, possibly the influence of Elizabeth I’s magician’s black scrying mirror and crystal, there was only one place in the maze to sit down and I sat down and sketched something, here by a great rack of boxes and a glass spiral.

goo goo g'joob goo

I really could have stayed all day, but the gallery was filling up and I had other commitments, I sat in the galley’s café and sketched the view over a cup tea.
 It is Margate Meltdown tomorrow, and after last year’s problems with the hells angels - over taking photographs - I will probably have another go at doing some sort of post about this exhibition.

We went on as we do, here is the link to today’s photos    


  1. I see that Cardy have nearly finished the Sands Hotel on the seafront. Apparently it os 20+ Beds and includes a restaurant and ice cream parlour. I am told it looks stunning. Bodes well for Ramsgate

  2. Sands Hotel shows what can be done when people stop protesting and complaining and instead, get on with creating something positive. Almost alongside Sands is the 'coming soon' Morgan's and, already doing well on the other side of the road, Bentley's.
    If all the energy expended by the anti-Tesco gang was diverted into creating something instead, what a wonderful town this could be!
    Elsewhere I have whinged about Turner's massive price hike for coffee - now at West End of London price for a small self-service cuppa ... in the current local paper it is reported that Turner charges £6 for a sausage roll! Won't they be surprised when all the locals stay away in the winter? Will they wonder why? During previous management the Turner Café was a great place. Under this lot it reeks of 'tourist rip-off'.

  3. Well said Col! When people are allowed to invest in Margate, and the nimbys are simply ignored as they certainly should be, Margate CAN be revamped and rescued from dereliction!!


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