Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Minster Art Group exhibition at The York Street Gallery Ramsgate and a midweek ramble

Here the pictures of the pictures which will expand if clicked on, the exhibition is on until next Wednesday.

 The Ramsgate Society have a pop up charity shop in York Street too

Goodness me food, pizza I have difficulty over this one but as it annoys at least one anonymous commentator, here is supper tonight, I have some pictures on file as friends and relations often ask me how I produce something Italian restaurant quality with an ordinary oven.

1 put the oven shelf on the level just below the top one, light the oven and turn it up as high as it goes an hour before cooking.

2 use the flour and raising mixture (ciabatta) shown in the picture and available in some supermarkets, put some (about 2 table spoons, vegetable oil in a large bowl and swill it around, add the bag of flour mix and the amount of hand hot water it says on the bag. stir it up knead if you want or use a mixer with dough hooks, mixing it with a stiff knife seems to enough, cover the bowl with cling film and put it on top of the oven where it will stay warm and rise.

3 if it doesn't rise after about an hour give up and order a takeaway, if all is ok sieve a tin of toms push them through with a spoon and warm them up a bit.

4 You must use the right cheese cut in half and slice it up with egg slice.  

you now have the makings for four pizzas.

5 put some oil on a warm non stick tray and some more oil on your hands and spread a quarter of this out on the tray then leave it on top of the oven for 5 mins to rise a little bit.

6 spread out a quarter of the tomato liquid with the back of a spoon and add a quarter of the cheese.

7 about 6 mins in the oven produces the above.

It is is well to remember that this is peasant poverty food and adding fancy ingredients will most likely make it worse.  

Moggs in Harbour Street has a closing down sign on it

and a notice saying not open much due to illness
 So it looks like the end of another non food independent 

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