Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Marina Arches

Photos of progress on the development at The Marina Arches

I guess my main concern with this one has always been maintenance of the council owned arched structure that supports the road there for the life of the development, assurances were made that the seaward face of this would be dealt with before the development prevented access, this clearly hasn’t happened.

My guess is that we will now be looking at a much larger bill eventually and that this will be funded out of everyone’s council tax.  

Photos courtesy of Ben Kelly author of the two books I publish about the Granville and 


  1. Does the road down have a weight limit on it as the only sign seems to be on the stretch down to the marina carpark?

    1. No weight limit on the whole of the inclined viaduct Barry and I have done quite a lot on this subject in previous posts. I had a long go at KCC about the weight limit but they wouldn’t introduce one. Mainly this another Pleasurama issue, a total failure to ensure that the infrastructure will be viable for the life of the development, cliff and sea defence, in the end they wouldn’t introduce a weight limit just the signs saying no construction traffic. This structure is supposed to be the main psv access for Royal Sands. But when you have special incentives to promote an ill-conceived development some strange things happen.

    2. On the last bit there is a sign saying 2T limit which is why I was asking.

      Strange then TP says they would have has to bring construction traffic along harbour parade but as you say a lot of strange things happen over this development

    3. The 2T limit is completely different and relates to the road that goes from the bend in Marina Road to the car park that was the marina swimming pool which goes over voids that were I think changing rooms Barry.

    4. strangely then if there is no weight limit what do the signs for "no construction traffic" actually mean in reality then?

    5. Barry I know the construction vehicles for 1 Granville Marina used the incline struture.

      The forty tonne limit is the normal limit for uk roads and that is what applies to the structure, this would make the weight on any wheel or pair of wheels on one end of one axel around 10 tonnes

      I did attempt to calculate a safe load for the arches but two variables pretty much defeated me, one being that they are constructed from Victorian house bricks of varying harnesses and the other being the lower levels of the structure which is a complex mixture of arches and unbricked or partially bricked tunnels.

      The various computer programs I found for calculating the stresses in viaducts assumed they were made from either engineering bricks of uniform hardness or from one type of stone with uniform characteristics. They also assumed the viaduct was built on a level solid foundation and not a maze of tunnels and a damaged sewer.

      My calculations on the upper arched viaduct only, based on engineering bricks come out about 18KN m (squared) the brackets are because blogger doesn’t have a facility for mathematical notation, about 9 tonnes for each square metre, as a static load.


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