Friday, 4 July 2014

Who is Craig Mackinlay? The new Conservative replacement for Laura Sandys.

This is what is says about him on Wikipedia and guess what he has his own blog, see which is where I got the picture above from. So picture credit Craig Mackinlay, hope he doesn’t mind.

Here is his FaceBook page and here his Twitter thingy ‘fraid social media wise he seems to have been dormant since 2012. 

Initial investigations suggest that with a degree in zoology and comparative psychology he is well qualified for politics.  

When a zoologist becomes a charted accountant, which he apparently has I find is this sketch that comes to mind.

Update, there is a point where no news becomes news, it’s now around 11 am the day after the announcement and nothing, no press release from the Thanet Conservative group, not a tweet about it from Laura Sandys, nor a tweet from Craig Mackinlay, no post on Simon Moors blog.


  1. I wonder why there was no thought given to a known local choice. Do people in South Thanet need someone parachuted in and Ex UKIP as well.

    1. Can you think of a local Tory who is MP material? I can't.

    2. Including the current incumbants!

    3. Can you think of anyone in Thanet of any party who is MP material? Come to mention it, what exactly is MP material?

      That said, it was always apparent that Laura Sandys would be hard to replace and so it has proved. Nonetheless, I suppose we should give the chap a hearing and see what he has to say for himself.

    4. Laura Sandys will be hard to replace. Craig Mackinlay is a politically clever choice.

  2. A candidate who ticks all the Ukip boxes for the Tory voters who flocked to Shonk and co at recent elections locally. He also stands for a party that might have some influence in Britain's relationship with the EU, rather than Farage, who could well have won Thanet South against a pro-European Tory candidate but will now probably look elsewhere, since standing here will split the UKIP vote - oh what irony! Farage will pop off elsewhere and topple a pro-EU Tory, where he will find himself totally marginalised at Westminster in his party of one.

  3. Yes, as John said it's a politically clever choice.


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