Wednesday 30 July 2014

Four Thousand Lives German Jews to Sandwich RichboroughTransit Kitchner Camp New Local History Book

I have just received stock of this book, price wise, the cover price is £18.99, Amazon are selling it for £15.19 and a few of the firms who sell via Amazon but have positive feedback of 98% or less are selling it as cheaply as £13, we are selling new copies signed by the author for £14.99 in the shop only.

Before I tell you about the book, the trade price to me is £12, giving a profit per book of £2.99, so you can see the reason why there are virtually no independent bookshops left.   

Anyway the choice is yours, use it or lose it, my recommendation is the signed copy as it will better appreciate in value and you can see what condition it’s in before you buy it.

In November 1938 about 30,000 German Jewish men were taken to concentration camps where they were subjected to torture, starvation and arbitrary death. In Four Thousand Lives, Clare Ungerson tells the remarkable story of how the grandees of Anglo-Jewry persuaded the British Government to allow them to establish a transit camp in Sandwich, East Kent, to which up to 4,000 men could be brought while they waited for permanent settlement overseas. The whole rescue was funded by the British Jewish community, with help from American Jewry. Most of the men had to leave their families behind. Would they get them out in time? And how would the people of Sandwich - a town the same size as the camp - react to so many German speaking Jewish foreigners? There was a well-organised branch of the British Union of Fascists in Sandwich. Lady Pearson, the BUF candidate for Canterbury, was President of the Sandwich Chamber of Commerce and Captain Gordon Canning, a prominent Fascist and close friend of Oswald Mosley, lived there and he and his grand friends used to meet there to play golf. This background adds to the drama of the race against time to save lives. Four Thousand Lives is not just a story of salvation, but also a revealing account of how a small English community reacted to the arrival of so many German Jews in their midst.


Professor Clare Ungerson
University of Southampton
ISBN            0752497936                Pages            208
ISBN13            9780752497938
            Weight (grammes)            544
Publisher            The History Press Ltd                   Published in     Stroud
Imprint The History Press Ltd                   Published in     GB
Format            Hardback                    Height (mm)    234
Publication date            25 Feb 2014                Width (mm)    156
DEWEY            940.5318                    Spine width (mm)            25

DEWEY edition  DC23               Academic level            General 

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