Sunday, 27 July 2014

A quick sketch from Corby’s Tea Room looking across Albert Court towards Gerry’s Art and Coffee House.

A bit rushed towards the end I’m afraid as everywhere was closing, my bookshop had been very busy on both Friday and Saturday and I have to put my hands up to skiving off for a sketch when things quietened down at around four.

I put the increased activity in the bookshop down mostly to there being very few non food and clothing related shops left, which are both big enough to lose yourself in and where if you do find something to buy it is likely to be cheaper than you could get the same thing online.   
Nowadays the majority of my customers who spend over a tenner use their smart phones to check the prices online before they buy, on most networks the phone signal in the shop is fairly good, however I have now added wifi to the shop. So if you are trying to check a book price and you can’t get a phone signal please ask for the code.

During the last week several people have asked me if they can buy my sketches, at the moment the answer is, if you like it print it out and bung it on the wall, for non commercial purposes I won’t claim any copyright. Over the next few weeks, I will endeavour to print some as greeting cards.

I don’t think this has so much to do with my artistic ability as it has with to do with my often painting from cafés where people are familiar with the view. 

There is a local survey here about local politics that may interest readers.

Back to the books, I have just heard that one of the local schools, has thrown out loads of books, I won’t name and shame here. But please be aware if you raid the skip, that they are rubber stamped with the schools name and don’t have their cancellation stamp on them, so to all intents and purposes they say swag on them.
I should point out that we never buy library books unless the have official cancellation stamps on them, or if the prelims have been removed or there are other signs that school or public library marks have been removed.

This doesn’t apply to the great and famous library sales like Brooklyn Public Library, which we would know about anyway, as would any serious collector.

Interesting edition this as the illustration are on “India Proofs” the only copy I have ever seen.

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