Sunday, 11 January 2015

Blog moves back to Thanetonline, a few Canterbury pictures and possible ramble.

 Having spoken to several occasional blog readers recently I have come to the conclusion that I am inexorably connected to the thanetonline blog and am moving my main blogging activities back there.

Walking around Canterbury today I realised the mock medieval buildings of recent years were starting to age and I was having to look at the buildings more carefully to sort the real from the fake.

We ate lunch in La Trappiste, this does Sunday roast for a tenner and a £5 children’s menu which includes squash and ice cream.
 We were a bit short of time so I didn’t get my sketch finished.

I have reached a fairly awkward stage in my sketching abilities where I can draw the people so that many of them are just about recognisable but not that good and perseverance is difficult to keep up.

It makes one wonder if some artist’s mental health problems weren’t a direct result of overcoming some of the hurdles of artistic ability.
 On the blog front, not posting on thaetonline and disabling comments for a while means that the number of spam comments that get through the filter has reduced from about 100 a day to about 10, which is manageable.
 Spam comments are much more convincing than the used to be, so please particularly if you comment anonymously follow the blog guidelines and avoid comments that are way off the subject of the post. Please also consider that if you accuse someone or some organisation of something I may not have time to check that the information is right, so will just delete the comment.
 I will probably just use the michaelsbookshop blog to let people know what is going on in my bookshop, stock coming in, features on book sections and so on.


  1. Hi Michael,
    It’s patience and time Michael, two traits you obviously are in short supply of with all your other activities you need to attend to. Your concern for the town’s welfare, your business, photography, and of course the family. As I mentioned in my last comment on your other blog,your obvious ability to capture an expression needs to be cultivated, this takes time, which you are in short supply of. Don’t despair, with a little perseverance, I for one am certain you will one day look back and wonder where on earth the ease with which you sketch ever came from.
    Don't go out without your pad and pen, keep sketching.

    Alan Turtle

  2. Truth is Alan I seldom get a chance to paint or draw anything other than using the equipment I keep on me in a fly fishing jacket with a poachers pocket for the sketch pad. I pretty much always go out with the equipment but getting a seat with a view and a sustained period of about an hour doesn’t happen often enough. I do speculate as to where the ability comes from and guess it has to do with a combination of the conscious and subconscious mind acting together.

    Very glad to see you are posting your work again, I would say get an Android phone a Samsung for preference, then you can photograph your work as you do it and it will automatically be published on the internet. Without this facility I don’t think I would get time to put many pictures on the blog.


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