Saturday, 17 January 2015

Nethercourt Ward Ramsgate Residents Meet Nigel Farage and the TDC UKIP Candidates for the May Elections. Watch the Videos.

I guess this is the main local news item and as I have just finished work I am going to watch them, Thanks to Barry James for all the work involved in getting them onto YouTube.

Manston Airport Question at 17.30

The RiverOak question on this one at 17.30


  1. These videos don't work at all? is there a brief summary of the questions and answers?

  2. Chris Wells is standing for UKIP now??!! This is desperate for him and UKIP isn't it?

    Why has he jumped the Tory ship and what does he suddenly like about UKIP just 4 months before the election??

  3. Anon at 6.50, the videos work on my laptop, desktop and phone, so I would recommend some of the following steps, clear you cache, try a different internet browser, google “youtube not working”, phone a friend.

    As for a summery, the ever charming Chris Wells introduces the UKIP candidates the TDC ones make short speeches, the lovely Mr Fromage makes a long speech and then answers written questions put by the charming Chris Wells.

    If I go any further here it will become apparent that I am not very keen on politicians of all political persuasions and I will be accused of supporting the other parties.

    Anon at 7.04 I think you summery presupposes that the North Thanet Tories were in fact Tories. Viewed loosely as a group of individuals who wish to get elected and assuming that we will have a Tory/UKIP coalition at TDC in the near future, you may be better off asking what did he ever like about the Tories.

    One way or another though at least Chris responds to us, often comments here, normally replies to emails, so you could do a lot worse.

  4. If Nigel Farage did win, how often would he get his 60k driver to take him down to that place on the coat, full of lower class people, called Thanet?

    He gets paid around 100k to be Kent MEP and he doesn't even bother to turn up to meetings. At least Craig lives in Thanet!

  5. I met his driver Friday he does more than drive

  6. Anon 2.54, enlighten us to where in Thanet this Chatham councillor (and serial election loser) Craig lives in Thanet? Unless Chatham has been annexed!

  7. Climate Realist you comment infringes the comment guidelines (guessing the identity of anonymous commentators) which leads to hostile comment, please read the guidelines on the comment form page and repost.

  8. Been told he rents a flat near the Ramsgate Harbour

  9. Desperate measures! Poor Chris Wells - what a career blunder!

  10. I have watched all the videos and it was good to see Chris Wells being his usual encouraging self.

    I have switched my blog to private now Michael, so would be grateful if you'd remove Gay in Thanet from Thanet online and your Bookshop Blog. Thanks. SG.

  11. Craig has never lived in Thanet and like Sandys may rent or buy a place just to appear to live here. It's laughable attempt to appear local by the councillor on Tonbridge Council.

    It shouldn't be allowed especially as almost all the candidates are now from elsewhere: Farage, Scobie etc.

    Would they put public funds to Thanet or their home town?

  12. SG I have removed the links.

    Anon 6.55 I believe that Will Scobie lives in Thanet, was Mayor of Margate was educated at Dane Court. Perhaps it is you who is unfamiliar with Thanet.

  13. I watched the middle Manston question/video and Farage makes it very clear that Manston is NOT supported art Westminster nor KCC nor TDC - making the point with TDC that it was filibustered/delayed.

    That said he says he and UKIP will support Manston remaining as a working airport - yet provides no basis for that view?

    He seems to be shooting himself in the foot by relying on Manston...or just a hot air speech...

    He makes the point politicians will say anything to be elected and he seems to be doing the same..and Chris Wells looks uncomfortable at that point...

  14. Anon at 5.01 I think you have got into such a state of confusion here that anything I say is probably not going to help much. The Thanet South constituency isn’t just Ramsgate but includes most of Cliftonville where will lives and the town of Sandwich.

    Anon at 5.06 it’s an interesting point that Manston isn’t in the Thanet South constituency that he is standing for

  15. You seem even more confused Michael now agreeing that Scobie lives in Margate and is indeed the Charter and KCC Margate representative.

    And Cliftonville is in Margate (I'm not sure if his actual address is in the relevant part for Thanet South perhaps you know) so why the urge to now represent Ramsgate etc?

    I'm sure Scobie himself would describe himself as a Margatonian so why not stand against Gale?

    You can advise on Mackinlay and Farage too if you like and their connection to Thanet? Or the Thanet North candidates?

    5:06 makes the similar point that Farage is from neither Manston nor Thanet yet is representing both.

  16. Chris Wells answers the Riveroak CPO point in the last video by saying that neither he nor UKIP have had the full documents from TDC and complains about the secrecy.

    Who took the decision to make these documents secret and what is Iris's position as Leader on this?

    It seems only Farage himself thinks Manston is viable as an airport with or without Riveroak?

  17. An odd point to make regarding 5:06 Michael as Manston not being in their constituency never stopped Gale or Sandys or Ladyman and now Cunningham etc etc spouting on about it.

    The huge amounts of KCC/TDC/SEEDA money spent on Manston and now a £20M Parkway certainly require scrutiny.

    Farage's views on the aquifer and Thor mercury will be interesting too...

  18. Anon 1.42, I am sure you already knew this. Cliftonville East and West were transfred by the boundaries commission from Thanet North to Thanet South before the 2010 general election and that's where they are now. So assuming that the address cllr Will Scobie declared on his TDC profile, he is in Cliftonville East and thus Thanet south. Think yourself lucky that you have a candidatee that has lived in both north and south Thanet for all of his life and does not just rent a flat of convenience for the duration of the election.

  19. 6:14 you don't actually know whether Scobie is on the correct side of the border do you?

    I agree it's better than Mackinlay etc but not by much. Scobie has always represented Margate? He knows nothing of Thanet South as does Farage etc. And has shown no interest in it until the election was called...

  20. Farage is calling for Manston to be an airport again - has he explained how with the aquifer under it?

    Especially as he confirms that he is the only one now supporting an airport?

    Easy if you don't live there I suppose?

  21. Farage and his deputy Latchford have some explaining on Manston to do...and was Chris Wells Chair of the Airport Committee at one point?

  22. Just for the record, I was never chair of the airport consultative Cttee. I did attend as a Cabinet Member on several occasions to explain progress on the restoration to working order of the mobile monitors, which were in place and working as I left office.

  23. Thanks for the backside covering comment Chris (and for the record also at least you comment unlike almost all councillors) but why did TDC and Infratil remove the monitors?

  24. Chris Wells does seem to have a large tin of whitewash for his role in Manston. And Latchford also now of UKIP was Deputy leader and also attended KIACC on Manston.

    The main monitor was removed from Chatham House school as soon as Infratil took over and was never reinstated.

    Are the Tory now UKIPPERs saying the monitoring and fines were excellent and the pollution is minimal, and Farage is right to want to fund an airport on the aquifer?

    They seem keen to extradite immigrants rather than Infratil who deliberately polluted the public with TDC and KCC assistance.


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