Thursday, 12 February 2015

Light lunch at Isaura’s in Deal, a few books for my bookshop, a quick sketch and some thoughts about art

The progress of drawing either requires a pencil, rubber, a lot of patience combined with much concentration on vanishing points light directions and shading, or if you go at it like me with a pen in hurry. 

You can see from today’s sketch that there should have been a vanishing point over to the left of the picture at seated eye height and most of the lines going roughly from left to right should have met there, e.g. the line at the bottom of the glass in the door should have been up on the right and down on the left, the shelf over the window on the tight should have progressed from the one on the left and been wider and so on.

Fortunately I photographed it for comparison, but there is another side to this coin, sketching freehand in ink and putting all of the geometry to one side, which is a bit like, the business with the monkey and the typewriter.

That is that yes given an infinity of time a monkey with a typewriter will eventually write the works of Shakespeare and it also follows that the same monkey will also write something as good as Shakespeare but different.

Anyway a few times recently, although possibly not in this one a couplet has seemed to pop out.

Anyway the light lunch at Isaura’s a useful discovery this, and I have just checked and Trip Advisor concurs see

Here are the books we bought on the way round Deal, I couldn’t resist the Leggo Bible, Lolita for some reason as a favourite with foreign students, I never have enough on military transport to the Jeep book was a good find, and two Shire Albums, something I am selling more than I am buying at the moment. 

On the local news front, fortunately it looks like the asset disposal of Pierremont Hall Broadstairs is going to go through with Broadstairs Town Council’s bid for it as a community asset likely to be accepted. Of course the snag here is Ramsgate as ever the poor relation doesn’t really have a public building of a size related to the size of Ramsgate as TDC have sold them all off to the private sector.         


  1. Why is Pierremont Hall being sold off? TDC has plenty of tax - and Chris Wells just a few years ago was key raising millions more for the Community Centre that never was.

    If councils can't raise funds/grants for assets then jobs need to be shed not the assets. Otherwise we'll be funding bureaucrats to do nothing but raise tax for their salaries.

    And to be fair, Ramsgate Labour at RTC sold off Ramsgate's assets eg what was the town Hall and are trying again with hustling through the Pavilion sale.

    But you support them?

  2. When I met with Chris nearly a couple of years ago now, I kind of realised just how much he was committed to saving Pierremont Hall for the town, and persuading Stakeholders to take an active interest in running it and making it pay for itself to secure it's future as a community asset.

  3. Can I remind Michael that Ramsgate used to have Willsons Hall? It was sold by the Labour administration in about 2002. In fact, it's funny how history repeats itself in Thanet. That administration, led by Nicholson/Johnston, lost a chief executive, made a mess of Pleasurama, undertook a controversial reorganisation of the Council, wanted to sell community assets in Broadstairs,, upset many local groups with their controversial local plans. They were chucked out in the election of 2003 for their failures. Now, an administration led by Johnston/'s the same list, and hopefully a similar dumping of them and their policies in the coming election...only change is to see a UKIP administration bring in real change this time around.

  4. Chris I don’t think there has ever been any dispute that all the administrations that we have had in recent years have messed up. I don’t think I or anyone else is under any illusions that there is any administration we could vote in at TDC that wouldn’t mess up to a greater or lesser degree.

    So now you have become a UKIP member of TDC I am surprised that you are only levelling your criticism only at Labour, presumably you left the Conservatives because you weren’t happy with the way they were doing things and as you were a senior member of the Conservative administration one has to assume you were very unhappy indeed. Would you say that the Conservatives have done well at TDC and Labour have done only bad things?

    I mainly ask this because I assumed in this instance, Pierremont Hall becoming the property of Broadstairs Town Council, that the TDC Labour administration have done what you want. Or are you saying that UKIP or the Conservatives would have sold Pierremont Hall off to the highest private bidder, to turn into residential accommodation and this would have been better?

    Voting wise, as you know I am in business and while I think we could probably be better off in ten to fifteen years time out of Europe I don’t quite see how we would manage the next five years if we pulled out, as nearly all of our trading partners are European.

    Offer a businessman a high likelihood of seven thin cows followed by seven fat cows or fourteen average cows and he will always go for the latter.

    TDC wise I live in safe Labour seat, so would you advise me to vote Conservative or UKIP, tactically that is? Bit of a poser that one.

    I guess this would depend on what UKIP’s plans for Ramsgate are, would this be to take Ramsgate for every penny you can get to finance projects in Margate or do you have some other proposals?


  5. They need to sell staffordshire street to pay for the conversion of the old carpet shop

  6. Chris you know full well the 2 development agreements were signed by a Tory administration the last in 2009 when the officer in charge told them to terminate the whole thing. So Ramsgate has been let down by both main parties

  7. Don't posts on the SMA page make you laugh!!!

    "Leslie Bell - There is no doubt that Riveroak will allow us every opportunity to celebrate, they are a 'people' company and I for one will be very happy to have them looking after my aerodrome. Tony Freudmann, despite the propaganda from the enemy, has been nothing but good for Manston, he was the only 'manager; who sussed that EU Jet was a massive scam and he was sacked for saying so. Good for him, he came back fighting, with a new company, new allies, and a continued desire to see Manston succeed. He is, in fact, the man, who will have saved Manston, in my opinion."

  8. Michael, Barry, how interestingly you rewrite what I said. I was pointing out to Michael that in his usual rush to present Ramsgate as the saintly, martyred, neglected town, he forgets the facts. Ramsgate did have such a facility, which the Labour Party shut and sold, even though it contained their MP's office. I then drew on comparison between 2003 and 2014/15, markedly similar in issue, failure, and an end to Labour rule. I could have mentioned any number of instances in between and before; however the point was to highlight Michaels always blinkered view, and draw the obvious comparisons between then and now. Both of you then pass the point, and return to your own usual rants; both (charitably) apparently missing my points entirely.

  9. And Chris which party was in power when TDC allowed Transeuropa in secret to have deferred terms without any security which resulted in the £3 millions loss at Ramsgate Port? I will remind you it was your Tory administration that you were a senior member of. As a turncoat I don't think it is wise of you and all the ex tory members to make any attacks on any of the previous TDC administrations. Just tell us how your part is going to progress each of the towns in Thanet.

  10. I've reached the point where I'm fed up to the back teeth with all of the politicians, including UKIP which seems to consist primarily of disgruntled Tories. All they seem to do is to blame each other for the problems we now have in Thanet. Yet they are all culpable to some extent because they were all part of the previous administrations which lumbered us with the debts and failures. The obvious solution is not to vote at all. But I don't believe that this is an option. We are privileged to have a vote and we should use it. So, instead of looking backwards I'm looking forwards to what the parties WILL do for me if they are elected. And I've got an even bigger problem. Because none of them are promising to do anything. The Labour Group seems to exist solely to implement Tory cuts and to prolong the agony of the old Pleasurama site. The Tories seem want to be elected but what are they promising? They are sucking up to SMA, but have they promised to CPO the airport? Have they heck. The only thing UKIP go on about is immigration. I haven't heard them say anything about what they would do for Thanet. I'm at my wits end. Nobody seems to be running a positive campaign and nobody is promising anything.

  11. So let me offer you the main points presented as a glimpse of our local manifesto.

    Action on street cleaning, improved waste collection, and dogs mess on the streets, including stronger enforcement and more fines.

    Action to return Manston to proper airport status.

    Action to improve tourism infrastructure, including public building maintenance and ownership.

    Action to improve regeneration efforts via inward investment and better job creation.

    Action on decent homes, rogue landlords, and transparent political processes, including planning and the inept draft local plan.

    Overall, a simpler, even boring, service based council, with fewer vanity projects and vastly improved customer service.

  12. Thanks Chris much more the sort of thing I wanted than the past gaffs of other parties.

  13. Begs the question Chris, seeing as you are all old Tories, why weren't these your policies when you were in power?

  14. 8.07 - I remember Cllr Wells saying directly after he left the Conservative party, that he felt there was a greater chance of implementing the policies in which he believes (which he has now just set out for us) by joining UKIP.

  15. Thanks solo gays. My question for Chris is why is there a greater chance of UKIP implementing, and if the Tories we're incapable, why didn't he tell us when he was with them?

  16. Chris better street cleaning and job creation you say? How?

    And presumably better than the regime you were part of?

    Like Latchford you're waffling and it's more if the same duffers.

  17. More to the point Anon 7.00 how are UKIP going to pay for all of this. Something will have to give after all the TDC Budget for 2015/16 is down to £15 millions from a peak of £23 millions just a few years ago. Does not leave a lot of cash to employ more street cleaners let alone cash needed to get Manston up and running again. Maybe Chris can tell us how much Ukip's plans will cost.

  18. Tdc a £15m budget where is the weblink to their last accounts. 750 backoffice staff doesn't leave a lot of change for frontline services nor Manston.

    How will Farage and Latchford and Wells manage it even without the pollution monitoring?

  19. Ukip also support the Parkway rail station as a good use of £20M of tax?

  20. Street cleaning isn't something you switch parties for especially a few months before an election.

    Why does Chris now support Ukip? No future as aTory?

  21. Can Chris Wells give any specifics on Ukip policy for Manston as an airport?

  22. Anon 5.37 I refer you to the Gazette article of 10 days ago - TDC 2015/16 budget.

    Note that Labour have already allocated an additional £110,000 to street cleansing.

  23. UKIP are just the worst old Tories all in one bag.

    At KCC they have done nothing despite being the largest opposition party.

  24. 8:40 it says a budget of £15m but a shortfall of £19m. It looks like Labour haven't sourced any grants but rather had grants cut.

    And they're putting up council rent? Not cutting staffing or salaries?

    And every council had a tax freeze as a national policy.

    Where is the weblink to Tdc report and accounts to compare the decline?

    What's happening with mcgonigal and Seed replacement? Same £100k salaries for this failure?

  25. What's the Thanet tax given to KCC?

  26. Anon 2.47 TDC has a windfall or two coming its way to pay off the deficit.
    First the ECO housing build will turn what was a drain on finances into a big earner. TDC half share of 500 houses at £100k profit each must come to £25 millions. Then there is the income from the government's new build grant scheme which works out at about £5 millions per 1000 new builds. There must be t least 2000 in the pipeline.

  27. Why would we want new byild to earn money for tdc. Surely sacking staff is more cost effective

  28. Over £3m was lost from the Port by Hart and Everitt almost 25% of the new budget.

    A bit cheeky to claim they've balanced the budget.

  29. Chris Wells and Farage are still supporting Manston even knowing it's on the drinking water supply? And Wells and Latchford were key in removing the monitors.

  30. Anon 8.46 the credit for the loss on £3 millions port income is down to the Conservatives who agreed an arrangement with TransEuropa to defer payments. The Labour leadership could have tried to mitigate the position but Transeuropa would have gone under earlier so TDC would not have received any income anyway,
    Now the UKIP spokesperson Chris Wells once of the Conservative cabinet that was party to this secret deal tells us that UKIP will promise to be transparent and open in their manifesto. Pity he did not subscribe to this pledge earlier.

  31. A vote for UKIP is a vote for what old Thanet Tories have evolved into.

  32. Yes Labour's Hart and Everitt could have changed the terms of the agreement but arranged a secret deal instead.

    The £3M loss sits with them.

    Who knows what else they secretly agreed hence a shortfall of £19M (more than the actual budget) in a supposedly balanced budget they now claim.

    They are useless.

  33. Haha Thanet Old Tories haven't evolved at all as Ukip is stuck in the past. Mind you Thanet Labour is barely any better. And the MPs laughable. And then there's the incompetent civil servants. We're doomed!

  34. UKIP is not going to get anywhere by continuing to push that old airport idea, as any hope for that has long gone!! It just helps to demonstrate that they live in the past.

  35. It does seem to be a rare blunder by Nigel Farage. Unless he knows the airport future is doomed and he can blame that on Labour and Tory whilst implying his UKIP could have kept it open ?

  36. It seems that the wisdom of Sir Roger's tactics to "Save Manston" are being questioned even within SMA, link below was originally posted by Ruth on the Support Manston Airport twitter feed.

    I can't help wondering if Bristow could have done a deal with Carter and Musgrave if Sir Roger had not been busy vilifying all involved.

    The threat of a CPO can't have given Bristow much confidence either, perhaps TDC should have dropped the idea back in September ...

    Still as Sir Roger said "neither news nor surprising"

  37. Bristow are more than a helicopter company, they are increasing becoming involved in fixed wing operations via their acquisition of a majority stake in Eastern Airways, and just recently Airnorth:

    Eastern Airways seem to be lacking an operating location in SE England:

    Bristow are a large international group and have had a presence in the UK since at least 1953.

    Perhaps Sir Roger would have been better to engage with Trevor Cartner & Chris Musgrave with a view to retaining some aviation use at Manston with Bristow possibly providing the experience and finance?

    Another missed opportunity for Thanet, but with Sir Roger as MP this is sadly "neither new or surprising"

  38. Following on from the comment regarding a fixed wing base for Eastern Airways in SE England: Bristow (Eastern's owners) have an underused facility at Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey:

    Redhill is handicapped by the lack of a concrete runway - it's still effectively a pre-second world war grass airfield. It is not usable by even light single engined aircraft for much of the winter due to waterlogging of the grass runways

    There have been numerous attempts to gain planning permission for a hard runway at Redhill over the years, the last was finally refused in October 2014:

    If Bristow have any plans for a fixed wing base in SE England, then Redhill could have been a possible location, assuming that permission had ben granted for a hard runway. Manston could possibly have been in the running, particularly with the planned parkway station, except that Sir Roger seems to have been so blinded by his hostility to the legal owners of the Airport site that any hope of an aviation related future appears to have gone forever.

    Ask yourself this; if the government really considered Manston a "national asset" surely they would have stepped in by now, if for nothing else than to ensure that the Bristow SAR base would be at it's planned, optimum location?

    The question for Sir Roger is why didn't he do everything in his power to bring the legal owners of Manston together with Bristow and try to facilitate a deal that could have bought a lot of benefits to Thanet?

  39. Bristow own a majority stake in Humberside Airport:

    I can't help feeling that Sir Roger's loyalty to Tony Freudmann and RiverOak has lost Thanet it's final chance to have an airport.

  40. Farage has shot himself in the foot. Although of course his kids aren't breathing the air pollution or drinking the water? Neither is Mackinlay.

  41. What I still can't understand is that Riveroak think that within a matter of months they can turn Manston into a profitable site

    They say they have lots of freight companies interested in services

    They say that Airbus are interested in using Manston

    So why aren't Riveroak offering the current owners a decent price they cannot refuse - 10, 20 or even 30 million, much more than they previously offered - surely peanuts in the grand scheme of things with their plans???

  42. Gale should go.

    Bristow would have based 2 helicopters at manston so an irrelevance.

  43. I note that the Parliamentary Select Commitee has discovered that in truth it is Ann Cloag who owns and controls the Manston Airport site.

  44. Not sure that really makes one iota of difference Anon 11:58 - there are still no grounds for a CPO as no-one has had extensive talks with the current owner(s) and the concept would just be laughed out of court....

  45. I don't see what difference it makes who owns Manston. What concerns me is the letter from Cartner and Musgrave to Roger Gale, in which they say that Maggs is involved with Riveroak. How long has this been going on?

  46. Some disturbing stuff over on NNF. Cartner and Musgrave have published a letter, sent to Roger Gale, in which they say that they were approached by Douglas Maggs acting on behalf of Riveroak. Maggs has been involved with David Mellor in some dealings which were criticised in court. We need to be told what is going on.

  47. Some disturbing stuff over on NNF. Cartner and Musgrave have published a letter, sent to Roger Gale, in which they say that they were approached by Douglas Maggs acting on behalf of Riveroak. Maggs has been involved with David Mellor in some dealings which were criticised in court. We need to be told what is going on.

  48. Anon 11.58

    The written evidence suggests that may not be the case.

    The Select Committee will report it's findings but cannot compel the government to do anything.

    Robert Goodwill MP,the minister was full of platitudes, but clearly hadn't been properly briefed and hadn't even started to look at the TDC/RiverOak paperwork.

    My feeling is that nobody will make any decisions before the elections in May (the pre-election purdah period starts when parliament is dissolved a the end of March), and then Manston will be quietly forgotten about by the government.

    The airport owners will probably put in for planning permission in the summer for a new building to create 200 to 300 jobs. If planning permission is refused by TDC the owners would then go to appeal and win, after all the local plan will not be finalised until 2017, and government policy is in favour of redevelopment of disused brownfield sites.

  49. Anon 10.41

    Could you provide a link to the Maggs/RiverOak information?



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