Thursday, 5 February 2015

Margate Turner Contemporary, Al Murray, The Intolerant Wife in Broadstairs, Book Recycling in the Bookshop, a Day Orff Ramble and of course Manston

Back in Margate again for a second look at “Self” the exhibition of self portraits, once again an impressive exhibition, I don’t think any of the visitors to it are going to be disappointed. Well apart from a few art critics as always, whose job it is to criticise so they often miss something that just works well, has an atmosphere or whatever it is.

As always with an art exhibition that does it for me, I was just gagging to draw after about an hour of looking at it so a cuppa and a sketch in the gallery café.

Book recycling day today, which is when we take a Volvo estate full of books for recycling.

I should stress that I see pulping as a last resort and first they go in the 5p and 10p per book section in the bookshop, and then in the 5p and 10p overspill section in the bookshop and if that fails then it’s paper pulp.

Only a small amount of books that we bought for stock today, just one pile as you see

I was pleased to get the Al Murray book though, I think he is the only one of our Thanet South PPCs that have produced a book.

On to Broadstairs and lunch at “The Intolerant Wife” all day breakfast for me and very good it was too. Sorry I never seem to remember to photograph the food until after we have started polishing it off.

I was still in sketching mood so another quick sketch in there too.

On the Manston Airport Site front the transcript of what was said at Monday’s meeting is here and another document which is a plan for the airport compiled for Costal Airports (Holdings Ltd) has appeared here


  1. Michael, very interesting submission to the Select Committee from Coastal Airports.

    A quick search shows that they were incorporated on 24th October 2014, with two directors, one from Kensington and one from Dulwich. There seems to be an associated company London Kent International Airport incorporated on the same date and sharing the same registered address and one director.

    Not sure if this is an SMA pipe-dream ( note reference in header of submission), something from one of the early CPO interested parties, or a hint of what RiverOak has planned.

    I would be interested if you recognise either of Coastal Airports directors, or indeed the 3rd company that one of them has been associated with for many years.

  2. 7.03 See 6717 on

  3. Michael, 7.03 again....

    So the director is also a consultant with a London firm of Chartered Surveyors (specialising in CPOs):

    The Surveyor's earlier submission to the Select Committee (SMA 00058)
    indicates that their proposal is an addition to RiverOaks initial plan.

    Incidentally I now see that the "SMA" in the document header is the Select Committee reference number and not related to Support/Save Manston Airport.

    Any idea who the surveyor's backers are?

  4. Ah 7.03 again, the old question where’s the money? ‘fraid I don’t know the answer.

  5. Interesting that Sir Roger Gale's evidence to the Select Committee included the phrase...

    "I feel very strongly, as I said in my submission, that national infrastructure is a national asset; once it has gone you don’t get it back. I recommended a quasi-listing"

    Is very close to Coastal Airports phrase in SMA00058...

    "and so WMF suggest a protective Department of Communities Historic Spot Listing and a Stop Notice on
    the entire Manston Airport curtilege"

    Does Sir Roger have bigger plans for Manston?


  6. Tony Freudman lives in Dulwich if that's of interest to anyone here...

  7. When you google the Dulwich director's name with Tony Freudmann you get the response
    "Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe"

    Neither of the two individual's names return the above message when googled on their own...

    I wonder why?

  8. Perhaps NNF and Pickle can draw the Select Committee's attention to my former post and Anon's above post. Has anyone else joined the dots here yet?

    After all the SMA excitement this past few days about who owns the site, imagine their excitement if all the focus were to shift from who owns the site to who is actually bidding to own/ run the site in the future.

    Don't be surprised to see a few prominent individuals recalled by the committee before too long.


  9. Travel Club of Upminster.

    Worth a Google.

    As is Lahr Airport when a certain individual was involved.

  10. The Coastal Airports plan seems to have been prepared by Pell Frischmann - a London based firm of engineering consultants whose previous projects include Delhi Airport

  11. A shame the Committee didn't discuss Infratil in more detail especially with Charles Buchanan now running Lydd and Kam Air that crashed at Manston banned again from Europe

  12. Anon, 10.02 on 5th February

    "Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe" appears on the last page of all searches - it shouldn't be assumed that the subject of the search has asked for material to be removed.

    Searching for your name and 'Tony Freudmann' will give the same message if you go to the last page of results.

  13. Gazette and Who owns Manston seems a nonstory. Gloag bought from Infratil and CarterMusgrave bought in. The details if the transaction and financing are key. And who is liable for pollution and cleanup. CarterMusgrave seem exposed now.

  14. Ramsgate Labour starting tree planting just before election again after years of doing they think we're idiots or Michael will trumpet this success

  15. Coastal airports seems to be Freudmann or Welch. While London Kia was Welch after he left Manston. The full director details must be available only Pleasurama has secret offshore directors

  16. I went to Pegwell and remembered to Photograph the Bacon Sandwich about five minutes after I had finished eating it so you are nbot the only one who forgets it Michael.

  17. Al Murray may be interested in the revised Ashcroft maarginal polls including Thanet South issued today.


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