Sunday, 8 February 2015

Ramsgate Harbour, down among the arches

I bought a rather ancient cash register from this one.
Had an excellent light lunch in this one.

 OK granted the sketch isn't that recognisable
this one
bought this book from
from this one
I guess when it comes to reasonable places to while away the day Ramsgate is improving considerably. 


  1. If only Everitt and Poole of Old Labour hadn't closed the Port and Pleasurama eh Michael? Or is this another of your successes?

    Perhaps in another 15 years they'll get the streets swept for just a few million quid?

  2. |Anon 8.46 you seem to be confused, the port is not closed its just that the major ferry operator went bust despite efforts of the then conservative led council to suspend payments due and then the labour led council that inherited this position. Apart from the conservative led council putting a charge on the ships when this first happened to mitigate losses there was nothing the council could do to stop the company going bust. If a ferry service using more fuel efficient ships was viable then maybe a new service would have started.
    The history of Pleasurama is well documented and mistakes were made all those years ago again by both political parties in first dealing with an unaccountable offshore company and then again when the terms were renegotiated.

  3. Farage busy campaigning Rotherham.

    Thanet will be an irrelevance to him.

    As with Sandys: elected then disappears or silent.

    And has he really allowed Neil Hamilton cash for questions to be Chairman of UKIP? Why?

  4. We parked outside the cafe when taking pictures of the Harbour Light display one evening before Christmas. I love Ramsgate Harbour it is Royal

  5. I still can't understand why TDC agreed that the ferry company they had to pay nothing. One month they were paying £150 K a month and then nothing, the ferry company were still collecting all the revenue from ticket sales. Probably as well our erstwhile chief bean counter has gone.



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