Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sunday Ramble

the chill wind meant that today was pretty much canceled due to lack of interest. shopping had to be done and the fairer sex in my family did the Sainsbury mission while i sat in the cafe and sketched.
As you see I didn't get very far, mainly because I had a salad and pot of tea to consume as well. For any art critics here is a close up which you can click on and make much bigger than the original.
 Demolition of the old Sainsbury supermarket was well underway, sorry it's all a bit in the distance I have ordered a clip on telephoto for my phone from China.
Well click on it compulsively and you may be able to see the remains.

Tomorrow Manston comes up at parliament and I think some sort of mass demonstration is planned by the save the airport supporters.

I may ramble on here


  1. Mass demonstration in London? They struggle to get a more than few dozen in Margate !

  2. Whilst we are on the subject of car fumed windswept landscapes; does anyone know why approximately 40 metres of mature hedges have been removed from the public garden opposite the Granville Hotel flats on the Ramsgate Eastcliff Seafront?

  3. 6.48

    It's easier for a lot of Manston supporters to get to London, most of them live a long way from Thanet.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. thanks for approving the above comment Michael, but I have decided to do a post about it on my blog. This still does not prevent any of your readers trying to answer the question posed if they can?

  6. Manston select committee live (17.24 2/2)


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