Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Thanet bathing water quality figures

As our antipodean cousins would say, “If you don’t pee in our swimming pool, we won’t swim in your toilet.”

2015: excellent Ramsgate Sands Thanet
2015: excellent Ramsgate Western Undercliffe Thanet
2015: excellent Botany Bay, Broadstairs Thanet
2015: excellent Broadstairs, Stone Bay Thanet
2015: sufficient Broadstairs, Viking Bay Thanet
2015: excellent Joss Bay, Broadstairs Thanet
2015: good Margate Fulsam Rock Thanet
2015: good Margate The Bay Thanet
2015: excellent Minnis Bay, Birchington Thanet
2015: excellent St Mildred's Bay, Westgate Thanet
2015: poor Walpole Bay, Margate Thanet
2015: excellent West Bay, Westgate Thanet
2015: good Westbrook Bay, Margate Thanet

As I guess we all know the great big Thanet toilet pipe comes out just upwind from Walpole Bay, figures are as expected, here is the link to the whole document.

The picture (paining at the top) is of the beach by the old swimming pool, the place I last bunged a dinghy in. Yea I know it’s supposed to be for jet skies, but they gotta catch you at it. 
We have been a bit busy with the bookshop over the last few days, click on the link to see the incredible amount of books that have gone out on the shelves http://michaelsbookshop.blogspot.co.uk/

Sheila says the last lot of actual annual discharge figures she can find for the big sewage pipe are the 2012 figures, year on year there isn't much to chose between them.

Release environment Total released Notifiable releases
penta-, octa- and deca- BDE Sea .1kg -
Ammonia Sea 1930kg -
Triclosan Sea 1.56kg -
Clotrimazole Sea .15kg -
Anthracene Sea .14kg -
Total organic carbon (TOC) Sea <50000kg kg--="" nbsp="">
-Phosphorus - as total P Sea 28800kg -
Nitrogen - as total N Sea 181000kg -
Halogenated organic ompounds Sea <1000kg kg--="" nbsp="">
-Diuron Sea 1.05kg -
DEHP Sea 59kg -
Bisphenol-A Sea .55kg -
Dioxins and furans- as WHO TEQ Sea <.0001kg -
Benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP) Sea .12kg -
Propetamphos Sea .02kg -
tert-Butyl methyl ther (MTBE) Sea <1kg kg--="" nbsp="">
-Tributyltin compounds Sea .02kg -
Octylphenols Sea <1kg c="" kg--="">
-Nonylphenol ethoxylates Sea 32.9kg -
Nonylphenols Sea 1.56kg -
Permethrin Sea 4.96g -
Phenols - total as C Sea <20kg kg--="" nbsp="">
-Fluorides - as F Sea <2000kg kg--="" nbsp="">
-Chlorides - as Cl Sea <2000t nbsp="" t--="">
-Cyanides - as CN Sea <50kg c="" kg--="">
-Zinc Sea 212kg -
Nickel Sea <20kg kg--="" nbsp="">
-Methylene chloride Sea <10kg kg--="" nbsp="">
-Mercury Sea .15kg -
Lead Sea <20kg kg--="">
-Copper Sea 141kg -
Chromium Sea <20kg kg--="" nbsp="">
-Chloroform (Trichloromethane) Sea <5kg kg--="" nbsp="">
-Cadmium Sea <1kg kg--="" nbsp="">
-Arsenic Sea 12.3kg -
Aniline (Benzeneamine) Sea <1kg c="" kg--="">
-Asbestos Sea .7kg -

and she will be coming up over to swim in our toilet when our water warms up.

Ed. sorry my knickers line is showing with escaped nbsps I last did a computer course in 1970 and obviously need to go back for a refresher. 

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