Saturday, 5 March 2016

Faversham and Herne Bay, watercolour sketches, cafés, books and I look for part time staff for the bookshop.

My Saturdays off at the moment have become busman’s holidays as I wound up collecting some books I bought for my bookshop in Faversham.

I have found a café there that I like “Jitter Mugs” so here is the watercolour and pen sketch from their window. The pound coin is for scale.

And a few photos of Jitter Mugs café

The bookshop in Faversham “Past Sentence” is worth a visit, it’s fairly small, but a good general stock with a pricing structure similar to my bookshop in Ramsgate, in other words the prices compete with the internet and are mostly likely to be less thtn buying online.

On to Herne Bay and another café sketch which didn’t go too well as I messed up the lower windows, another go another time.

With my bookshop in Ramsgate getting busier I am aiming to go back to employing A level students in the bookshop, this has normally been students who are aiming to do English at university. In the past this has been Saturday staff in the various bookshops I have run since 1978, previous Saturday people have often gone on to pursue carers as writers librarians and so on.

This has been beneficial both to the student involved and to the bookshop, so a sort of apprenticeship but only for about 6 to 8 hours a week, starting with me paying them around the minimum wage. Something like:-

£4 per hour at 16

£5 per hour at 17

£6 per hour at 18 

With salutatory paid holidays.

However this issue is made more complicated for two reasons, one being that I am no longer working on Saturdays, so it will have to be after school or college on Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri, some or all of those days and the other being that because the bookshop is getting much busier I really need someone who is good at practical things (putting up shelves and so on) as well as the normal bookshop things.

Minimum requirements would normally be grade A English gcse, reasonable computing skills, reasonable typing speed, but to be honest at the moment being handy with the paintbrush and screwdriver is probably more important.

Anyway anyone interested should email me I would say if you did DT and English at GCSE you are in with a chance.       


  1. Your new shop is pictured in Kent online today (Tue) behind the cordon for the Faversham fire!

    1. Good thing it wasn't the bookshop Dave, there aren't enough of them left.


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