Sunday, 6 March 2016

A chocolate doodle in Canterbury a pen sketch in Ramsgate

I went shopping in Canterbury today, the old winter problem of where to sketch from, which resolves itself into finding a table and chair in a warm café or bar where I see some sort of view.

I have got a new set of travel brushes, to replace the old ones which have lost their shape, if you can perform some sort of haircut on a watercolour brush to return the fine pointed end, then it is beyond me.

You can often straighten them out with hot water, but my old ones were getting a tad too ragged to paint with.

I eventually wound up in Chocolate Café in Canterbury and doodled away with the new brushes, one of those – you have know the place to even begin to follow the picture.

Armed with a pot of Yorkshire tea

I should stress that chocolate cake isn’t the most important factor

However it does vanish.

This morning in Ramsgate it was very difficult to get a seat with a view

another of those only if you know it sketches. 

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