Friday, 11 March 2016

Chatham House and Clarendon House get £2.1m grant to repair school buildings.

The school has received an improvement grant of £2,144,000 to repair the roofs, walls and windows at Chatham House and Clarendon House.

The work commences on March 14th 2016 and will take 12 months to complete.


  1. who gave them the money Michael?

  2. Barry I think school improvement grants would be UK gov, so if you pay UK taxes like me, the that would be us.

  3. Michael is spot on. Part of the Conditional Improvement fund for academies and six form colleges.
    Put in ref CIF-1516-136382-1 to a search and you should fine the spread sheet for 2015/2016.

  4. Neither building is fit-for-purpose so any money spent now is just dealing with remedial work and it - or other work - will likely need to be done again in a few years.

  5. Joe for me "fit-for-purpose" relates to the results the school gets, some of the modern school buildings I have visited recently, strike me as being very difficult to learn in.

    I went to Treloar College, the upper house dormitories were in a building constructed 1620, which could be demanding for disabled children, however we much preferred this building to the more modern school buildings, it is perhaps a mistake to think the youf of today lack architectural taste or that ambience isn't conducive to learning.

  6. Well we will have to agree to disagree, Michael. My daughter has just completed her education at CCGS and the building has been in a continual state of decline, I don't know how anyone can assert that this has no effect on the quality of education.

    The results are very obviously related to the intake at the school - which is largely (although, perhaps surprisingly not entirely) the top 20% of those who take the Kent test. In fact due to the lack of applicants, a number of student have been admitted who have not met the normal Grammar school standard (and to be absolutely clear, I'm not overly bothered about this - Dover Girls and Boys Grammar school have a wider intake but get better results. Go figure).

    Anyway, it would not surprise me to see the school slipping further in the next few years in terms of results and OFSTED rating).

    And the schools I and you went to years ago has absolutely nothing to do with our children's education nor on the ongoing costs of repairing Chatham House and Clarendon House school sites.

    1. 's right Joe, I have two children there at the moment and the one before them is just finishing his chemistry phd, agree to disagree would be the one.


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