Monday, 25 April 2016

Read St Luke’s church Ramsgate parish magazines for 1894 a Monday ramble, cliff collapse, twitter & Co.

The Bournemouth cliff collapse over the weekend would seem to be another very good reason for someone to do a survey on whether it’s safe to build The Royal Sands under the unsupported cliff on the Pleasurama site in Ramsgate.

What is really strange I suppose is why no one has built apartments for people to live in on the council owned site between the cliff and the sea in Bournemouth, I suppose one compensation for Bournemouth Council is not having to deal with the relatives of the dead and injured.

I don’t really understand Facebook and Twitter, when I post here on this blog it does automatically tweet the post and put a link to the post on my Facebook page which means I have developed friends and followers. Recently I have also linked some of the posts here to Facebook groups that seemed relevant. The real snag with Facebook is the way it handles images, particularly images of pages of text which I publish onto the internet and need to be of high definition; enough to read.

With Blogger it’s different inasmuch as if I take a picture of an A4 page of text with my mobile phone which automatically sends the picture onto the internet it’s just a matter of a click in the bog publishing page and the image will appear in the blog, so that when the reader clicks on it the image gets big enough to read the text.

Today – well this morning – I had a bash with Twitter, Tweeting what was I was actually doing? The confessions of a secondhand bookseller? see @michaelbookshop or how did this go? You ask? Well not that well really, taking a photo of books as you price them then tweeting them with some information you  have keyed into your mobile phone, well it makes everything take much longer.

So St Luke’s church parish magazines for 1894, four pages to a month, so 48 pages in all, this really is the anorak end of local history, unless of course it mentions great granny and her activities with the St Luke’s Girl’s Band of Hope, in which case it is a revelation and a link to the past.

So 48 photos with my mobile phone, took what two or three mins to take, just before I sold it the book not the phone, and a couple of clicks to embed the pages in this blog.

Click on them and they should expand, click on the expanded page and it should expand again, if you are using a laptop or pc. With a phone or tablet tap the page and when it has loaded you should be able to expand it by moving your fingers apart on the picture of the page.

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