Monday, 9 May 2016

The mobile library and the thoughts of a would be mobile bookseller.

Down the years of bookselling, and as my family had bookshops when I was a child it must be over 50 years since I first sold a book, I have developed a bit of a yen to try a mobile bookshop.

Anyway one of the books I bought from Faversham Book Fair last Saturday was about mobile libraries, which appear to be ready made mobile bookshops.

With prices on Ebay for a secondhand mobile library vehicle starting in the £10,000 ballpark I have to say there are attractions, but how would you go about stopping and trading anywhere with a mobile bookshop, would there be lots of rules and regulations?

Driving into the middle of say Canterbury and opening the doors to a mobile bookshop would perhaps cause some difficulties for a potential proprietor.

Would the bookshops in Canterbury complain I wonder?     
Perhaps I could sit outside and sketch while people browsed the books
possibly something like a milk round 
or an ice cream round, what sort of noise would a bookshop need to make to attract customers?
No here is a vehicle I know about, I have had several of these converted by Dormobile into campervans, a big advantage in the summer is you can drive around whit the sliding doors open, a disadvantage is their handling, they have a tendency once the get onto a white line, not to want to let it go.   

Oh well back to the real world and a real bookshop with plenty of books that need pricing.

1 comment:

  1. Michael

    I wonder if your mobile bookshop idea would work best at specialist events; airshows, steam rallies, military and car shows etc...


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