Sunday, 29 May 2016

The town of Hythe in Kent including photographs of the piles of human bones.

If you live in Thanet Hythe makes a good destination for a day out, the drive via Dover and the M20 takes about three quarters of an hour.

If you want the history of the medieval port of Hythe there is plenty online, essentially the wealthy trading cinque (pronounced sank) port was left stranded and landlocked when its medieval harbour silted up. Prosperity was restored from the late 1700s becase of its importance during the Napoleonic wars (Martello towers, Royal Military Canal)

So here are the pictures I took today, not much text as I am busy doing other stuff, the pictures were taken with my mobile phone and should expand if you click on them, apologies for not having time to delete the bad ones. 

 The following pictures are of St Leonard's Church
this plan may help you follow what you are looking at

 This is I think old technology, i.e. the pulpit sounding board 17something or another, probably used for a table for a while until someone decided it was such a marvelous piece of craftsmanship it was worth hanging on the wall
 The present pulpit 1876 designed by Street carved by Armstead

 down into the crypt

 also note architecture of crypt 1200/1300s I think

 lunch at Nutmeg Cafe, decent pot of tea, nice 'am sarni, star cream and scone, recommended.

 The chapel of the Fundamental Corrugation is quite something.   

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