Monday, 25 July 2016

Ramsgate Carnival 2016 photos from my camera, I think about 600 of them.

Back in the day, when publishing to the internet was more of a seat of the pants type of thingy I used to go our with my digital camera and take pictures which I subsequently put on the internet in pages of about 100 pictures. Nothing fancy you understand just take the contents of my camera card, resize the pictures on it so they weren’t enormous but were about the size of an average computer screen – back then – and bung the whole lot on.

I have decided to start doing this again, so here are the Ramsgate Carnival ones Each link along the top of the page you get to should be a different page of photos. 

Any thoughts on the way I have published these, image size, number of photos on a page and so would be gratefully received.

I may, if I get the time, go back and edit the pages, rotate the pictures that are sideways, delete the ones that are out of focus, this is much more time consuming than just selecting about 100 and pasting them into a webpage.

The last time I did this was in 2013, see

I think I may have photographed others, but these were the only ones I could find just now.  The objective here is to have an ongoing archive of modern Thanet.

I think an issue for me is that and are much easier to publish to than a conventional website.

I tried using a sort of secondary blog to put the contents of the camera card on and managed to get about 100 photos up at before I decided it was just too time consuming. 

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