Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Who’s Who in Ramsgate in 1839

I imagine that those of you who use my bookshop will know I publish cheap reprints of directories to the Thanet towns for various dates. The main reason for this is helping people with seat of the pants local history right down to the person or the building.

They provide the answer to where did granny, great granny or even great great granny live and the answer to who lived in my house a hundred years ago. I also have these for sale on bookshop website at http://michaelsbookshop.com/catalogue/the_isle_of_thanet.htm

The earliest Ramsgate directory that I know of is Pigot and Co.’s published in September of 1839, I should point out here that house numbering before 1900 changed quite a bit as the town expanded and the rating officer renumbered a longer street, so if you find an address in this directory you would need to look at the directories that I publish for 1849, 1878 and 1887 and compare with the 1900 one, otherwise you will probably be venerating the wrong building.

Only the select got into directories at that time, the ordinary people didn’t – probably couldn’t read and didn’t care. So the directory is very short, here it is, you may need to click on the pictures of the paged to make them big enough to read.  


  1. Dear Michael
    I have followed your blog with great interest for the last two and half years I have lived in Thanet. Today I left the isle and shortly will leave for a new life in New Zealand. You have always been very interesting and informative about local issues if prone to the occasional ramble.
    Many thanks for the time and effort you put into your blog, most would give up in despair when dealing with Thanet District Council.
    I wish you well and will continue to follow you from down under
    Many thanks
    Malcolm Walker

  2. Thanks Malcolm, I will do my best to keep it up.


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