Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Ramsgate shops, mobile phones and bad governance.

Our towns, mostly started out as towns of any consequence by being given permission to hold a market.

You had a big village which usually built up because it was by a harbour or where several roads met and eventually permission was granted to hold a market and from that the prosperity developed and the towns were born.

Shops developed because the trades people, tailors, cobblers, brewers and so on sold what they made from their premises and a lot of them offers repair services. Later on shops just buying goods from manufacturers developed and many of them would order items in for people.      

Back in my fairly distant past my family owned a small chain of bookshops in Hertfordshire and the absolute pits of this was ordering books for people.

At that time there were about 2,000 publishers in the UK and the all behaved differently. How long will it take? Will there be a small order surcharge?
 Your trousers don't fit is an easy, I'm so sorry I will make you another pair.
 I'm afraid the film you left us to develop of your daughter's wedding dissolved in the developing tank, not soeasy
 The dead seldom come back and complain, but their relations another matter.
 Once cutlers probably had problems with customers whose cutlass broke at the wrong moment.
 And what about the harness that broke in the 2.30 when you custome had money riding on the horse as well as your customer.
Here in my bookshop in Ramsgate we don't order books for customers, years of creating ill will from dedicated hard work in Hertfordshire was enough for me.

As I said previously my mobile phone broke, which if you have children at and neither your children not the school can contact you is a serious matter today.

It was, as it usually is the wosisname you plug the wire in to charge it, and having looked at the instructions for a diy job I realised it was a difficult operation, very deep. so off to the shop that mended my previous phone when it had the same problem.
Walk & Talk and once again mended £25 all good, recommend shop
And yes I am most definitely very glad that I don't have the flack thta must be associated with doing this.

On the governance front, taking the trade from the towns and setting at WC well what can you say


  1. And there was me gonna ask you to order me a book HEEEE HEEEE am I cheeky? I loved the look of your new stock Michael. I am going to try and persuade the wife to check if our passports are still valid to cover a trip to Ramsgate and if they are I wanna come and visit soon. XXX Don

    Glad you got the phone sorted

  2. The new Wetherspoons has good wheelchair access Don, so you may wish to give Ramsgate a go for that too.


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