Monday, 20 November 2017

Some thoughts on Pleasurama and a few old photos of Ramsgate.

We are getting another round of the Pleasurama development will start which is always interesting, although whether interesting in the sense of the curse. "May you live in interesting times." Well a bit of a moot point there.    
 My take on the Peasurama development if built to the various existing plans that the council says have a valid planing consent is :-

1 I don't really think anyone knows just how high the development would be when built out relative to the cliff top where Wellington Gardens is.

I have asked questions like. When standing by the bandstand will it be possible to see the horizon? and have never had adaquate answers, either from the various developers or the council.

2 I don't think it would be easy to deal with the cliff wall with the building so close to it. To expand on the the concrete cliff wall is between 80 and 40 years old, different parts built mostly after different cliff falls and some of it not as thick as it should be according to the main survey.

The major survey report 2005 concluded that the structure had a short serviceable life and needed urgent repairs due to visible defects, since then there have been two lots of repairs.

Essentially the cliff wall will have to be replaced before any new development wears out and the cost of doing this in the very narrow gap between the cliff and the development would be very large and paid for by TDC i.e. us. Here is the link to the survey

3 The site is designated a high risk flood zone by the Environment agency. It is made up of the old beach that once reached all the way from the sea to the cliff, when the tunnel was dug the chalk spoil was heaped on the beach to raise the level for the station.

The henge like posts that the developer has already put there to support the development are supported by concrete pads sitting on the old beach and the sea defence that holds all this in place dates from 1860.

The Environment Agency wrote to the council and the developer recommending a safety assessment, this is a link to their letter

I would think it would be very hard to get a mortgage to buy one of the apartments without this fra wosisname.
Here in the bookshop we put some more books on the shelves. This is the link to them

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