Saturday, 16 December 2017

1908 Margate Hair Competition and other aspects of local history.

Margate deckchairs of sufficient vintage say BMEC on them, and this is one of the ways that Margate postcard collectors identify old Margate postcards, I suppose it stands for Borough of Margate wosisname, possibly Entertainment Committee.

This Ramsgate card says R 1943 on it, however I think it relates to Ramsgate Festival of Light in 1951, tricky stuff this local history.   

I have been window dressing here in the bookshop, I am moving much more towards just ordinary bookshelves in the shop window. at the moment a straightforward arrangement in one of the windows where all of the books in it are priced 50p and customers can walk into the window and browse the books in it.   

Adjusting the way retail works within an internet dominated environment it a complex and experimental business and related to providing something that is very obviously not available online.

This interlinks with the way online selling costs produce a bottom end price threshold that shops can easily outmatch.  

Getting it right within the British shopping environment where silent voting with customers feet is being enhanced with comments on Google and Tripadviser is a very tricky business altogether. 

Still on the retail and bookshop front this is the link to the books that went away yesterday and I would say representative of the eclectic demand for books here in Ramsgate. 'fraid to say the 50p ones didn't get photographed, s you will have to look in the window.

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  1. It would certainly not have been lit up like that in 1943 - blackout and all that.


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