Thursday, 28 December 2017

Some old postcards of Ramsgate and Margate and I fess up over the phone

I think all of the pictures in this post will expand if clicked on in the blog and then the expanded image should expand again when clicked on.

Looking at the back of this postcard, does it date from 1914 and say "No signs of war here."?

It loos to me like a man to man card

 this one "Havent forgotten ... so long" was Margate providing a happy oblivion? Is this a woman to woman card?
 Oh well one decoding is another encoding, particularly where local history is concerned. The point wosisname here is to try and learn how to use the new phone for copying pictures. All I have done is to open an album in the window and take a few of the pictures in it in natural light.

 I am still not sure with my emergency replacement phone whether I have bought betamax, but I think it should have been the one that said "Plus" on the end of the name and not "Play"
 but as you can see the the pictures are not coming out too bad, these are all the only and first shots, no deletions and retakes.
 an interesting bit of photo colouration here from 1905 resulting in a fairly good depition of a night shot.
 On the back and back in 1905, Ern seems to be saying I like you these moonlight cards

 nothing on the back of this one
 nor this one

 This is a hand coloured steel engraving from around 1860 I think.
 done this one before, from 1906 so the euphemisms are probably lost on us.
 Does, “Not seen many Jonnies to suit yet” mean not seen many fit blokes?

interesting to find this one with tomorrow's date in 1903 on it, there is a sense where the people of 100 years ago were good at saying something when there wasn't really anything to say. I do a lot of this here on the blog and take my word for it. it ain't easy.

Out and about in Ramsgate this afternoon
 Camera Canon S3 IS and not the phone
 Always different down the seafront
 The cafe culture seems reasonably busy considering the new Wetherspoons
 about what I would expect for bright weekday afternoon in midwinter
 I think there may be a tipping point where we go from the other cafe and bars being quieter than before the new Wetherspoons, to where they are busier than they would have been before it, becase of it.
A bit of an ongoing post this one, so I may have added more if you come back later.
 as you see not a huge amount of people wandering about

 Wetherspoons looked fairly busy from outside though

We are back to work in the bookshop tomorrow so here it the link to the books newly in

 I am still concerned about falling sand levels which i think may give overtopping issues both for the Pav and the Pleasurama site

Here is the moon over Ramsgate this evening 

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