Friday 29 December 2017

It’s fireworks for the council.

 As far as I can see the only New Year public firework display in East Kent this year is in Ramsgate. We have one every year unless the weather makes it impossible.

The fireworks can be seen from the seafront, cliff tops, beaches, harbour area and associated café culture.

This is not a domestic firework display like you would have in someone’s back garden, so you don’t need to be in the garden to see it.

Probably the best indoor vantage point will be The Royal Harbour Brasserie, (café on the end of the pier) I would think Wetherspoon’s and all of the bars facing the harbour seafront area will be ok too, although as a painter of pictures I can assure you seats in a window with a view are always at a premium.

In Thanet the main internet forum used to be blogs, but frankly what started as local people chatting freely in a local internet forum became unmanageable for the individual blogger. 
 Well now the main local internet forums are on Facebook and most of the comment about the firework display is like another type of fireworks display, with interesting features like:-

Why isn’t the money being spent on:-

The homeless?

Rough sleepers?

Sweeping the streets?

Emptying the rubbish?

Mending the potholes?
 This fireworks display, the one in the sky over Ramsgate Harbour, is being put on (funded) by the council, you understand.

Having a few pints down the local and blaming it all on the council is one thing and for the most part everyone will agree with you.

On the internet there is a different issue, you either write stuff no one wants to read, nonsense, advertising, spam and of course no one will read it, or you write stuff that interests people – here in Thanet, local news, history, politics and people will read it and expect it to be roughly right. 
 Facebook, and the internet however is about attaching the incredible to the credible, isn’t it?

Anyway three councils and the fireworks are being paid for by one. In this case Ramsgate Town Council that is not responsible for the homeless, rough sleepers, sweeping the streets, emptying the rubbish or mending the potholes.

 The money that Ramsgate council spends comes from:-

The people living in Ramsgate, petitioning for and subsequently voting for paying extra on their council tax bill.

Grant funding.


The other councils Kent County Council and Thanet District Council are responsible for the homeless, rough sleepers, sweeping the streets, emptying the rubbish, mending the potholes and probably a lot more. 
 The pictures are of last year's display
 here is the link to the pictures of the books we have just put out 

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