Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Where is the snow? Happy Christmas!

Having just looked at the BBC weather app for Ramsgate, which says; “Today Sunny with heavy rain” This is no bovver for me as we have done our boxing for Boxing Day and are back home in the gap period when stuff cooks and we await more people turning up. No chance of snow as it’s about 10 °C, no chance of sun as it’s nearly dusk, and it certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to rain. Of course, it’s supposed to snow at Christmas, isn’t it? I have an arrangement over the god bothering, I don’t ask for any miracles or thunderbolts, so I haven’t prayed up and complained – about no snow that is. When I was a lad it was that cold that there was ice on the inside of my bedroom window, I remember cold feet and hands, but don’t remember it bothering me. Warnings about chilblains and not running it under the hot tap. Actually, and thinking about it, here in Ramsgate – i.e. after we dfl’d, so in the late 1960s, so late ladhood, it was pretty much the same as now. The big freeze of my childhood 62/3 was before Ramsgate and I was in some unknown convalescent home with masses of radiators, so while I was alive and saw the footprints in the six-foot snow, I wasn’t init.

So happy Christmas from all of us here in the bookshop, we will be open again tomorrow and closed again on Thursday, because it’s Thursday and not because it’s a bank holiday and closed on Monday because it is. Same information – different way of saying it on Saturday’s bookshop blog, at http://michaelsbookshop.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/merry-christmas-from-michaels-bookshop.html

We have had the laziest Christmas I ever remember, our oldest children being quite old and even our youngest children being fairly old I have to admit that it is only now, late afternoon on Boxing Day that the turkey has finally made it to the oven.

Here are some wintery local pictures, not this year and not now obviously.   


Still battling with changing phones, New Motorola XT1604 Moto G4 Play, not favourite over Christmas, I honestly can't say that it's either good or bad yet.

Here is the screenshot of the weather app from auntie Beeb
 Eg. the Christmas selfie stick that failed on some expensive phones, worked on it, straight away.

the camera onit is either good or bad, some good pictures and some bad but i haven't mastered it, going to try it with A Better Camera app.

The photos on my bridge camera card for the last couple of days are a bit odd, so maybe me, see the next few as representative, as I said lazy Christmas.

Of course you can't take this sort of picture with a phone 

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