Sunday, 10 December 2017

Ramsgate Eastcliff Launching Margate Lifeboat and so on.

Something that I don't understand is why Margate Lifeboat can't have some sort of launching jetty like it used to have.

 I know a lot got washed away in the 1953 storm, but with modern building materials it should be possible.

 Recently someone told me that the old (previous to the one we have now) bandstand was moved along the Eastcliff - east? well at least towards Broadstairs, in front of the Granville

I think these photos are pretty conclusive, two different bandstands.

I have been at what can loosely be described as shopfitting in the bookshop, this weekend which basically boils down to making a few more bookcases as there are never enough.

Here is the link to the books that went out yesterday  

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