Sunday, 5 September 2010

Addington Street street fair and The Pinball Museum pictures

It’s the last day of the school holidays today and everything happened rather late, I did manage to get to Addington Street and take some pictures of the street fair.

I combined this with shopping for food that had to be done by car so the walk at each end is very short, here are the first batch of pictures

I have to admit that the high point for me is The Pinball Museum, all a bit time warp I’m afraid. Here is the next lot of pictures

Nothing about Addington Street street fair on the council’s websites that I could find, I can only say that I keep working on them, but they don’t even seem to understand that there is a problem.

1 comment:

  1. I think it is quite simple Michael, the problem is TDC.
    They do not understand the simple truth that they are employeed by the people of Thanet for the benefit of the people of Thanet.
    They are just interested in running back to sevenoaks or maidstone and grubbing up more schemes to give themselves a payrise.


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