Monday, 13 September 2010

Some pictures of Margate Museum

Sorry about the lack of replies to comments emails and so on, I have been slightly diverted into considerations about Tudor Margate, the construction of Tudor houses and the like.

It isn’t easy to visualise Margate in Tudor times, bits of information are coalescing, here is an example.
In 1565, it’s easer to quote the Queens Commissioners: “Mergate hath houses 108. Persons lacking proper proper Habitaycyions 8. Boates and other vessels from 1 to 46 tons 10. Persons employed in carrying grain and fishing 60.”
Anyway my mind has temporarily strayed into the history of Margate.
Margate museum also made some sort of impression on me as I hadn’t visited it for some time, hence the pictures of the pictures there

I did distort them a bit to fit in the blog post.
It is also good to hear that despite closing the museums the council has been engaged in a major local history project of its own see
Anyway here are the pictures of Margate Museum
Also just opposite the museum is a useful café for a cup of tea, featured in the pictures.


  1. Super stuff as always Michael Thanks,Don

  2. Excellent photographs Michael, I like pictures 3 & 4 from the top,no 3 use to hang in the chairmans office and no4 is a loan return from a few years back.Both pitures I am sure have bumped up TDC's insurance cost up. With the Clint worth £30k, the Webb £100K and these two £20K+ each. TDC's art collection is a national treasure and if the whole lot was displayed altogether in one venue it would be awesome.


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